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SeeTestManual Self-Training Course

Live tutorials – how to connect to, and test manually on remote mobile devices in the cloud using SeeTestManual

Watch these manual mobile testing tutorials to learn how to easily access and manually test on remote mobile devices from your browser with SeeTestManual - Experitest's manual testing tool.

This self-training course will prepare you to manually test on iOS and Android devices with automated reporting using SeeTestManual.

SeeTestManual – Overview

Product tour video

SeeTestManual is a manual testing tool enabling you to:

  • Remotely access real mobile devices from any browser
  • Manually test mobile applications on these devices using your mouse and keyboard
  • Get full support for all user functionalities: gestures, device reboot, virtual 
    and physical buttons, etc.
  • Cover any use case scenario by testing out-of-app features such as Audio, TouchID, GPS and camera features
  • Receive reports with screenshots and videos of what happened on the device
  • Test your application under different network conditions: server & user location, network signal, etc.
  • Monitor device vitals consumption: CPU, memory, and battery
  • Devices can be located in your on-premise digital device lab or hosted in Experitest's SaaS digital device lab   

Session 1 – Log in and Connect to a Device  

This tutorial will show you how to create an account, log in and connect to remote mobile devices.

 Online Guide:

Session 2 – Full Device Control

This tutorial video will give viewers a full overview of the basic capabilities of SeeTestManual.

Online Guide:

  • Device Control (link)

Session 3 – Install an Application on iOS and Android

In this video, you will learn how to install applications on remote mobile devices.

Online Guide:

  • Install Application (link)

Session 4 - Reporting

This video tutorial will give you an overview of the reporting capabilities

Online Guide:

  • Screenshots (link)
  • Video Recording (link)
  • Recording a Report (link)

Session 5 – Monitor CPU and Memory

In the following video tutorial, you will learn how to Monitor the CPU and memory usage of an app on a device.

Online Guide:

Session 6 – Monitor Battery

In the following video tutorial, you will how to monitor the battery usage of an app.

Online Guide:

Session 7 – Network Statistics

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set and test how your app runs under different network conditions.

Online Guide:

  • Monitor and test different network profiles. (link)

Session 8 – Simulate Device Location

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to simulate your device’s location for testing geolocation-based applications.

Online Guide:

Session 9 – Simulate Capture

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to simulate a camera capture with an image file. (Demo App from Khaled)

Online Guide:

  • Simulate Capture (link)

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