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If you are connecting Bluetooth adapter to DHM for the first time - refer to this page: VoiceOver and TalkBack support - accessibility testing

When Bluetooth audio was configured for the device (but not Bluetooth keyboard), Bluetooth connection will be established when opening an audio panel.

If the device was not paired yet with a Bluetooth adapter, the following message will be displayed when opening the audio panel:

Open Bluetooth settings and find the Bluetooth adapter name in the Bluetooth devices list (disable / enable Bluetooth in order to refresh Bluetooth devices list):

Click on Bluetooth adapter name in order to pair between device and Bluetooth adapter

If device requests for password, "0000" can be used

Bluetooth adapter should appear now as paired device:

Now click on audio button in the left panel

Progress is displayed while the Bluetooth connection is established:

After the Bluetooth connection was established successfully, the audio panel will be displayed.

In the audio panel you can:

  • Upload audio files and play them on the device, simulating microphone, and operating the play button.
  • Record audio that is currently playing on the device and download it to your computer.

To start, press the headphones icon in the left menu bar to open the audio panel:

The audio panel has two sections:

  • Play

In this section of the audio panel, you can play audio to the device through the device's microphone.

Click Talk to stream audio directly from your computer's microphone to the device. Click again to stop.

  • You might be prompted by your browser to allow access to the microphone. Click Yes or Allow to use this feature.
  • Microphone recording is not supported in Safari and Internet Explorer
  • As per Chrome policy, Microphone access on Chrome is only available on a secured host machine. (URL starts with HTTPS)

Click Choose File to upload a .wav file. Once uploaded, the audio file will appear on the list and you can listen to it by clicking the play button or play it to the device by clicking the play-to-device button on the right. Click again to stop playing before the end of the file. You can remove an audio file from the list by clicking on the X.

Only .wav files are supported. If you wish to use other files, convert them to .wav files first.

  • Record

In this section of the audio panel, you can listen to audio that is playing on the device or record it to play it in your browser and download it to your computer.

Click Listen to stream live audio from the device. Click again to stop.

  • Live Audio Streaming is supported in Chrome and Safari only
  • In Safari, you may need to manually enable audio auto-play in Safari => Preferences => Websites => Auto-Play

Click Start New Recording to record to file. You will see the button text changes to Recording and the button animated. To stop recording, click the button again.

Once the recording was finished, the file will be uploaded and added to the list. From there, click play to listen to it, or the arrow on the right to download it.

To remove a file from the list, click the X button. Be careful - this action is not reversible.

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