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Starting from version 11.8, SeeTest Cloud allows recording of network traffic of mobile devices to a PCAP file.  

From version 12.6, Recording in HAR format is also supported.


  • Network Virtualization Server version must be equal or greater than version 11.8 (12.6 for HAR)
  • The device's DHM must be associated with an NV Server
  • The device must be enabled for NV
  • The device must use the NV server Wi-Fi network, and have a Wi-Fi IP-Address
  • For HAR recording, some types of traffic require SSL configuration - see below.

Web Studio

Press the "Capture Network Traffic" button. This will open the Capture Network Traffic panel.

To initiate a recording, select either HAR or PCAP file type.

Only one recording can be performed at any given time (per device).

Press the START button to start capture network traffic.

While recording, the "Capture Network Traffic" button will be highlighted.

Press the STOP button to stop capture network traffic.

Once STOP is pressed, The recording file will be saved and a link will be added to the panel, with an indication about its type (HAR or PCAP).

Several files can be accumulated this way, and they persist until the end of the studio session.

Press a file's link to download the it to your computer.

Capture of network traffic to file will stop automatically:

  1. When the session ends.
  2. In case of PCAP, if the file size reaches a limit (default limit is 100MB).  In this case, there is no indication in the UI - only the file will be limited in its size.

Certificate Considerations for HAR recording

The ability to record traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) to HAR is based on the fact that the mobile device/browser trusts the NV proxy.

The proxy terminates the SSL traffic and sends it to the target site on behalf of the original sender.

To enable this:

  • On the mobile device, browse to 
  • Download the certificate and trust it on your device
  • To test if it works, browse again to and verify the message “If you can see this, traffic is not passing through mitmproxy” is not shown.

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