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Reporting gives you the ability to record your actions on a device and generate a report about them.

A standard report contains a line for each action, a video of the device screen, and the device information.

The reports can be viewed from Manual Reports Page. The last report of each user can be viewed from the report editor.

The reports can be customized during the recording by grouping actions into step (or a set of steps), edit the report name, the steps, and the actions, or delete them. 

Record and edit a report:

Pressing the Report button will open the report editor tab:

In order to create and edit a report, use the following buttons:

  1. Start\Stop recording: Start and stop the recording of the report. When recording, the button will blink. When not recording, this a static icon.
  2. Scroll lock: Lock and unlock report scrolling to the button of the editor.
  3. Clear report: Remove all the data in the report editor.
  4. Add step: Add a new group of actions in order to manage the report.
  5. View Last report: Opens the last report created in this session. (grayed out if there were no reports saved in this session)
  6. Save Report: Create a report from the recorded steps. (grayed out if there are no steps)
  7. Report Title: You can Edit the report name by clicking its' Title, Insert the new text and click "V".
  8. Steps Group Name: You can edit the Steps Group by clicking on its' name, Insert the new text and click "V".
  9. Delete Step Groups: Clicking the garbage icon near a Step  Group will delete it from the report.
  10. Delete Steps: Clicking the garbage icon near a Step will delete it from the report.

Save and view the report:

After the report is ready, click on the save report button at the report editor.

A Save Report Window is opened. The user can edit the report by the following actions:

  • Add Failed/Passed status:  the default step status is "passed". Change the status to "failed" by clicking the "V" button at the step line.
    Click again in order to change it to "passed".
  • Add comments: Press on the "add comment here" text field in order to insert a comment to a step.
  • Edit text fields: Edit the report name, the steps names and the comments by pressing on the required text field. Insert the new text and click "V".

After the report has been edited, click "Save". In order to go back to the report editor, click "Cancel".


Note: if the user clicks the "Cancel" button, the changes that he has made at the "Save Report" window will not be saved.

After saving a report, the report editor will be cleared and the user can start to record a new report.

The user can view reports from Manual Reports Page, or view the last report by pressing the "View Last Report" button

Set video size limit:

Cloud admin can limit the maximum video size of a report.

Add the following parameter with the required size value (in bytes) to the file: Experitest\Cloud\Agent\conf\cloudagent.conf.xml

Example: in order to limit the video size to 100 MB, add the following line to the agent configuration file:


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