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For Windows keyboard - Replace "Option" with Alt and "Command" with Windows Key

Button TitleDescriptioniOS VoiceOver Finger GestureKeyboard ShortcutSupported
ActivateTap objectdouble-tapControl+Option+SpaceYes
SpecialInvoke special actiontwo-finger double-tapControl+Option+HyphenYes
Back/CloseBack, cancel, or closetwo-finger swipe back-and-forthEscYes
Item ChooserOpen Item Choosertwo-finger triple tapControl+Option+IYes
Read FirstRead all from the first itemtwo-finger swipe upControl+Option+BYes
Read SelectedRead all from the selected itemtwo-finger swipe downControl+Option+AYes
Pause SpeechPause or resume speechthree-finger triple tapControlNO
Speech On/OffToggle speech on/offthree-finger double tapControl+Option+SYes
PreviousGo to the previous itemswipe leftLeftArrowYes
NextGo to next itemswipe rightRightArrowYes
Curtain On/OffToggle screen curtain on/offthree-finger triple-tapControl+Option+F11Yes
HomeGo to the home screenfive-finger pinchControl+Option+HYes
Page LeftPrevious horizontal pagethree-finger swipe rightOption+LeftArrowYes
Page RightNext horizontal pagethree-finger swipe leftOption+RightArrowYes
Page DownNext vertical pagethree-finger swipe upOption+DownArrowYes
Page UpPrevious vertical pagethree-finger swipe downOption+UpArrowYes
CutCut selected textchoose "Copy" pop-up menu itemCommand+XYes
CopyCopy selected textchoose "Copy" pop-up menu itemCommand+CYes
PastePaste selected textchoose "Paste" pop-up menu itemCommand+VYes
Select AllSelect all textn/aCommand+AYes
Rotor PrevPrevious Rotor itemtwo-finger twist leftCommand+Control+Option+LeftArrowYes
Rotor NextNext Rotor itemtwo-finger twist rightCommand+Control+Option+RightArrowYes
Rotor UpIncrement current Rotor itemflick upCommand+Control+Option+UpArrowYes
Rotor DownDecrement current Rotor itemflick downCommand+Control+Option+DownArrowYes
Prev AppSwitch to the previous appfour-finger swipe rightN/ANO
Next AppSwitch to next appfour-finger swipe leftN/ANO
Status BarMove to/from the status bartap top of the screenControl+Option+MYes
Help OnToggle VoiceOver help on
Help OffToggle VoiceOver help off
Esc (when Help is on)Yes

TalkBack support:

TalkBack should be configured with the Default Keymap:
The shortcuts below use the Alt key. You can choose a different modifier key by going to Settings and then Accessibility and then TalkBack and then Settings and then Keyboard shortcuts and then Choose modifier key.

Button TitleDescriptionKeyboard ShortcutSupported
NextMove to the next itemAlt + Right ArrowYes
PreviousMove to the previous itemAlt + Left ArrowYes
AboveMove to item aboveAlt + Up arrowYes
BelowMove to item belowAlt + Down arrowYes
ClickClick focused elementAlt + EnterYes
BackBackAlt + Control + BackspaceYes
HomeHomeAlt + Control + hYes
Recent AppsOpen recent AppsAlt + Control + rYes
NotificationsNotificationsAlt + Control + nYes
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