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Manual testing allows you to test your app or mobile site on various devices and operating systems, without the need to procure and maintain these devices. We keep these devices in our cloud so that you don't have to. Let's go ahead and open a device!

Device Card

After you login to the cloud, you will be presented with a list of devices, each represented by a device card. Each card specifies the following:

  1. Device name
  2. Status
  3. Operating system and version
  4. Type of device
  5. Manufacturer
  6. Network simulation 

You can search a device by name, manufacturer, os and model.

Open a Device

Found a device you want to work with? Great! Let's go ahead and open it!

Simply click on OPEN in the relevant device card. The cloud hears you and prepares the device for you:

Your browser might block the tab from opening the device. No worries, just tell the browser it's all good:

Device is Yours! Wooho!

You can now start testing your app or website. Below you can find actions you can perform with the device like installing apps and monitoring performance:

  • Controlling the device
  • Install Applications
  • Reboot Device
  • Set Device Location
  • Take a Screenshot
  • Create a Video
  • Create a Manual Report
  • Monitor CPU, Memory and Battery Consumption
  • Monitor Network Statistics
  • Work in Remote Debugging Mode

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