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The whole idea of cloud based devices is to free you from the need to obtain the devices and keep them around so you and your team members can use them for testing. Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) allows you to control the any device and perform basic action on the device and can opened in manual mode.

Action above will open up the device as shown as the screenshot.

On the right hand side you will find the device actions bar using which you could perform following actions.

  1. Home Page Button - Go back to home screen
  2. Close App - Close the app (IOS only)
  3. More actions:
    1. Volume Up - Increase  the device volume
    2. Volume Down - Decrease the device volume
    3. Menu - Opens Menu of the Device (Android only)
    4. Unlock the Device - Unlocks the device
    5. Reboot - Reboots the device (currently not supported)
    6. Power Button - Simulates a click on the power button (locks the device)
  4. Change Device Orientation - Rotates the device orientation (Portrait -> Landscape)
  5. Remove Device Frame - Remove the device frame leaving only the device screen
  6. Magnifier - Zoom in to see a magnified version of the device screen (currently not supported)
  7. Screen Capture - (currently not supported)
  8. Go Back - Goes Back (Android only)
  9. Switch Apps - (Android only)



Keyboard interactions

  1. Home - Go to home screen

Mouse interactions (Android)

  1. Mouse wheel
    1. while holding CTRL and Shift down - pinch
    2. otherwise - swipe

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