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Continuous Testing allows you to manually test native and web mobile applications. There is a wide array of devices that you can choose from and test on.

With the Continuous Testing Cloud Platform, you can open a device, install the app or browse to your mobile website and start testing. Manual testing also allows you to monitor the behavior of your app in terms of CPU and memory consumption, as well as its behavior under different network conditions.

Opening Device in the Mobile Studio (Beta)

The device can be opened in Manual Mode by clicking the OPEN button on any device in Expertest Cloud LaunchPad.

In the multi-regional cloud, region selection will appear. Please choose a region that is close to your location to filter the device and have a better experience when using devices.

The above action opens up the device for performing many actions.

Switch to New UI

Click the 'New Look' button to switch to the new UI.

For more information see: Mobile Studio - Switch from Manual Testing tool

Explore the guide pages below to learn how to make the best of your manual testing:

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