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As a mobile application developer, you are constantly debugging your applications when adding new features, and when testing overall functionality.

One of the most common setbacks for debugging applications is that you need to  build, deploy and debug them on a variety of devices in order to cover different manufacturers, operating systems, and operating system versions.

The need for a variety of devices poses difficulties as it is not always possible to obtain and hold all the devices that you need. This is where App Development & Debugging comes into play.

Continuous Testing provides following advantages,

  • Frees you from the clutter and hassle of setting up and managing large device repositories.
  • Provides storage space for devices
  • Connected and fully charged devices .
  • Varied choices of devices for different operating systems and versions.

With the Digital Assurance Lab, you have all the devices you need. Although they are located in a dedicated server room and may even be located halfway across the world.

Continuous Testing allow you to work with them and debug your applications as if the devices were in your hands and connected locally to your machine where you perform most of your development tasks.

In this section, you will learn how to build and debug your iOS and Android applications, as well as mobile applications, using remotely located devices and as if they were stationed locally near you. 

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