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Remote Debug Bridge CLI is a command-line tool that allows you to use a remote device as a local device.

This allows you to develop and debug on several devices that are managed in the Cloud Server.

Prerequisites - On Mac

  1. Install the SeeTest Remote Debugging tool.
  2. iOS:
    1. Works only on a Mac machine.
    2. Requires good network conditions between the cloud machine and the local machine.
    3. iTunes and Xcode must be closed before starting the remote debugging.
  3. Android - can work with up to 4 devices in parallel.

Prerequisites - On Windows:

  1. Download remote debug utility from cloud
  2. Unzip the utility
  3. Go to the folder where the content was unzipped
  4. Android - can work with up to 4 devices in parallel

Commands and Descriptions

helpnonePrints help message to the console

versionnonePrints the product version


Connects to device from cloud server and starts remote debugging

[--url <cloud server url>]Full URL of the cloud server, i.e:

[--access-key <access key>]User access key

[--serial-number <device serial number>]Device to use in remote debug session

Fixes connection issues with iOS devices (requires admin permissions)

[-v]Verbose (print log to console)

Receives the path to the Remote Debug Bridge tool log file


Stores the username and password for connecting to the cloud server (data encrypt)


Stores the Cloud Server information

-ip <ip_adress>Cloud server IP

-port <port>Port

[-project <project name>]Project name


Generates fake symbols for Xcode, this Will allow the session to start quicker.

(warning) Debugging an iOS app won't work when running with fake symbols (warning)

-os_versionDevice os version with a device build number(docs below on how to use)

Usage Examples 

 This example will demonstrate how to work with a remote Android device.

  1. Run rdb start-remote-debug to connect to the remote device.

    usage: rdb store -ip <ip> -port <port>
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Experitest\SeeTestRemoteDebugging>rdb start-remote-debug --url <> --access-key <accessKey> --serialnumber ce05160545dc6d3702

    The device is now attached as local to the client machine.


    You must keep the console alive during the remote session, closing the console will disconnect the remote device.

    The device must be reserved, releasing the device or session timeout will disconnect the remote device.

  2. You can now open Android Studio to work with the connected device.


Generate Symbols

  1. locate device version, and build number can be located in Xcode → Window → Devices → under the device name
  2. Some devices require an architecture field as well, those can be below in arm64e architecture list.
  3. In case your device model is in the list then you should add arm64e to the os_version parameter.


  • iPhone 7 with iOS version 12.4.5 that is not in the arm64e architecture list – > os_version should be "12.4.5 (16G161)"
  • iPhone SE with iOS version 14.4 that appears in the arm64e architecture list → os_version should be "14.4 (18D52) arm64e"
  • (warning) Please wrap the OS version parameter in double-quotes as seen in the examples(warning)

arm64e architecture

Year of releasedevicedevicedevicedevicedevicedevicedevice
2018iPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XR

2019iPad Mini 5iPad Air 3iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro Max

2020eighth-generation iPadiPhone SE 2 fourth-generation iPad AiriPhone 12 miniiPhone 12iPhone 12 ProiPhone 12 Pro Max


  1. Android - ADB version mismatch

    The ADB version in the SeeTest Remote debugging installation folder <Installation_Folder>\bin\adb\ must be the same version as in your Android SDK folder.
    To check the version, open the command line and run the command ADB version from the ADB folder.
  2. iOS - Local devices do not return after using the Remote Debugging feature
    Please try the following:
    1. Close iTunes and Xcode and then reopen them again
    2. Run the command rdb repair

  3.  iOS & Android - Failed to connect to the RDB daemon 
    In order to establish a connection with the remote device, we need to restart the remoteDebuggingDaemon daemon

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