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Remote debugging allows testers and developers to connect to remote devices, directly to their local PC/MAC machines. In this tutorial, we'll guide you on how to get started with remote debugging on iOS and Windows. 

  1. Open a device
  2. Download tool
  3. Install tool
  4. Starting RDB session
  5. Debugging an app on the remote device via Xcode
  6. Debugging an app on the remote device via Android Studio


  1. Remote debugging on iOS is enabled only when connecting from a macOS machine. Please verify the SeeTest Remote Debugging CLI and Xcode is installed.
  2. When working from macOS machines, Xcode must be closed when initiating the Remote Debugging session or Xcode will not identify the device.
  3. It is not recommended to use remote debugging on devices connected to DHM's with latency greater than ~50ms (round trip).

1. Open a device

In order to remotely debug a device, you'll first need to open a device.

The following table provides details remote debugging capabilities based on the mobile/desktop OS.

Desktop OSMobile OS
MAC OSiOS \ Android

To Open a device, please refer to Mobile Devices tutorial.

2. Download tool

Select Remote Debugging option under the Tools menu, opens Remote Debugging dialog as shown below. The dialog contains all the information to get started with CLI tool. You can download the CLI tool from the Download button(marked red in the picture). 


3. Installing tool

For MAC OS, the downloaded file is an installer.

  1. Double click the downloaded file.
  2. Launch Remote Debugging installer.

For Windows, the download file is a zip file.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Start a cmd session

Handling the warning for MAC OS

If you get a malicious software warning as shown above for iOS system, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab and click Open Anyway.

Note:  If your network is behind proxy follow these guideline: Configure Proxy for Remote Debugging

4. Starting a RDB session

  1. The first step to start a RDB session: 

For MAC system:

cd <The location of the SeeTestRemoteDebugging folder> 

for example: cd /Applications/SeeTestRemoteDebugging

For Windows - Depends on which directory the archive was unzipped:

cd <The location of the SeeTestRemoteDebugging folder>

for example: cd <User Downloads folder>\SeeTestRemoteDebugging

The subsequent steps are common for both Windows and MAC OS:

2. Copy the text to the clipboard from the Remote Debugging window

        3. Paste it into the terminal and enter to start the RDB session

4. Once the session is up, the Debugging icon will turn red

5. Debugging an app on the remote device via Xcode

  1. Make sure Xcode is closed before starting the RDB session(step 2)
  2. Start RDB session
  3. Open Xcode

  4. Go to Window -> Devices and Simulators

  5. Wait for Xcode to finish making the device ready for development

  6. Now you are ready to debug your app on the remote device

6. Debugging an app on the remote device via Android Studio

You can also debug an app on remote device on Android Studio:

  1. Open Android Studio

  2. Give it few seconds to settle

  3. Choose your device as a target

  4. Run your App

Note:- We can't work with local android device in parallel to running RDB

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