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In this tutorial, we'll guide you on how to get started with remote debugging 

Remote debugging allows testers and developers to connect to remote devices, directly to their local PC/MAC machines.

Open a device

In order to remotely debug a device, you'll first need to open a device.


It is not recommended to use remote debugging on devices connected to DHM's with latency greater than ~50ms (round trip). 

The following table provides details remote debugging capabilities based on the mobile \ desktop Os.

Desktop OSMobile OS
MAC OSiOS \ Android

To Open a device, please refer to Mobile Devices tutorial.

Installing Remote Debugging


If you have not installed SeeTest Remote Debugging previously you will have to do so in order to be able to initiate Remote Debugging sessions.

Debug session can be initiated using following steps.

Click on the Open Button as shown below.

This will open the using which various operations can be done of device.

Click on the debug Icon which is highlighted as show as below.

Step 1 : 

Click on the remote debugging button from the left control panel.

Step 2 : 

Click on the Download button from modal which was opened

Approving Secured Connection

After your installation of the product, you'd be required to approve secured connection to the localhost


You might have to Approve Secured Connection before you can start working on devices through Remote Debugging. If you have gone through the steps detailed above and are still getting the popup that asks you to download and install SeeTest Remote Debugging, click on "Approve" and proceed to approve the connection.

If SeeTest Remote Debugging is not installed, the first time you attempt to initiate a session you will be prompted to download and install SeeTest Remote Debugging.

Install SeeTest Remote Debugging and proceed to the next step. It is also recommended that you release the device and reopen it.

Initiating a Remote Debugging session

Once you have installed SeeTest Remote Debugging, open an Android device in Manual Mode. Once the device is opened, initiate a remote debugging session - click on Debugging and in the pop up click on Start.

If the Start button in the popup turns red and has "Stop" on it, it indicates that the Remote Debugging Session has started.

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