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In order to perform debugging on an iOS device, you should open STMW on a mac device and be sure you have the SeeTest Remote Debugging service and Xcode installed.


It is not recommended to use remote debugging on devices connected to DHM's with latency greater than ~50ms (round trip). 

In order to perform remote debugging you will need to generate symbols matching the device build id:

1. Click on START DEBUGGING to generate symbols.

After you click the button a folder with iOS version + build ID will be created at  /Users/USER_NAME/Library/Developers/Xcode/iOS DeviceSupport/IOS_VERSION +BUILD_ID

containing device date. This operation will generate symbols and take up to 1 minute.

2. Click on start.

If you click on DOWNLOAD FROM DEVICE Xcode will still generate symbols, however, it will fetch data from a device and can take up to 2 hours.

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