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When working with devices in Manual Testing, you are working in the context of a session. A session starts when you open the device (given that you have reserved the device beforehand) and allows interaction with the device. As long as the session is active, you can keep on working with and interacting with the device. A device session differs from a device reservation by several aspects:

  1. A session takes place inside a reservation.
  2. Several sessions can be opened and closed in the span of one reservation, one session at a time.
  3. A device reservation dominates the session lifecycle. If the device is in open session and the reservation ends, the session will be terminated.
  4. You can end a session but keep the device reserved for you. See below for more information.
Ending a session

If you are done working with the device or if a team member requires the device, you can actively end the session and release the device. If you still need the device, end the session but keep the device.

You can also simply close the tab and your reservation will end automatically.

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