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Downloading the client

Open a Manual session on a browser.

Click the "Network Tunnel" Button.

In the dialog that opens, follow the "Download" link.  The client executable will be downloaded to your machine.

Operating the Client

Start the client in a shell (on Mac or Linux) or CMD window (on Windows), with --url and --access-key flags indicating which cloud and which user/project are connecting.

For your convenience, the full command line (using your current credentials on the Cloud you connected to) is displayed in the dialog, and you can simply copy/paste it into your terminal.

03-istpc-started-mac-Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.02.45

Running on macOS and Linux

When running on macOS and Linux, please note:

  • Before the first run, make sure the downloaded file is executable (eg, run chmod +x network-tunnel)
  • In most shells, to start the client in the local folder, prepend ./ to the command (eg, ./network-tunnel ...)

Close the session you used to download the client and open a new manual session.

For as long as your session is tunneled, the UI will display a tunneling icon on the left of the session window:

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