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When you connect a remote iOS Device to your development environment via Remote Debugging, it is as if you connected the device locally to your machine using the USB connector.

Remote Debugging not only simulates a local device connection, it allows you to test and debug your app on a large number of devices, of different iOS versions. This frees you from the need to hold the devices in your near vicinity. 

Before you can start to build, deploy and debug your iOS application on remotely located iOS devices, you must initiate a remote debugging session and connect the device to Xcode.

There are three prerequisites:

  1. Xcode 8 or above with a fully configured project. 

Xcode must be closed when initiating the Remote Debugging session or Xcode will not identify the device.

  1. device open in manual mode.
  2. SeeTest Remote Debugging installed on your machine.

Once you have fulfilled these three prerequisites and have everything setup and ready to go you can start to:

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