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Cloud Events helps Project Administrator to troubleshoot issues in their project.

There are 5 types of cloud events:

  1. Device Status change event - when the device status changes (possible statuses: online, offline, unauthorized, error, cleanup failed).
  2. Device Host Machine Status change - possible statuses are online or offline.
  3. Device Reservation event - when a user reserves or releases device.
  4. Application management event:
    1. Application installation success
    2. Application installation failure
    3. Application uninstallation success
    4. Application uninstallation failure
  5. NV Server Status change event - when NV server status changes (possible statuses: online, offline).
  6. Explora Service Status Change - when Explora Service status changes (possible statuses: online, offline and error).

Cloud event can be accessed through Settings → Diagnose → Cloud Events

The maximum number of cloud events is configured in the server configuration file. This is setting is done by the Cloud Administrator.


When the number of cloud events exceeds defined maximum - the most old events are deleted.

After changing the value in the server configuration file, cloud server Windows server must be restarted so the change will take effect.

The host column displays the name of the host machine which the device was connected to during the event.

Searching and Filtering

Searching using strings constants and filtering using cloud events are supported. 

Download Cloud Events

Cloud Events can be downloaded by clicking 'Download Cloud Events'. Events will be generated as a csv file which can be reviewed or analyzed offline.

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