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The Device Cleanup process is intended to clean the private data of the previous user. 

Cloud Administrator can setup Device Cleanup for any project. Project Administrator can setup Device Cleanup only for his own project. Device Cleanup feature is supported for Android 5.0 and above and all versions of iOS devices.

In order to use Device Cleanup - both SeeTest and Cloud versions must be 8.7 or above.

In order to use Clean Browser Cache - Cloud versions must be 8.9 or above.

Since cloud version 11.6 all applications would be closed during the cleanup stage.

Starting Device Cleanup

Device cleanup has started in the following situations (only when Device Cleanup is enabled in the configuration):

  • Device reservation time expires.
  • The device is released by Cloud Administrator/Project Administrator in Cloud Web Portal.
  • Device Cleanup process is started manually in devices page in Cloud Web Portal by Cloud Administrator.

Device Cleanup process

During the device cleanup process, the status of the device will change to 'Cleanup' and will not be available for reservation. When device cleanup process finishes, device status will become 'Available' again.

Finish Device Cleanup

If the device cleanup failed, device status will change to 'Cleanup Failed'. In this case, Cloud Administrator will need to clean up the device manually and then click "Finish Cleanup" button.

Device cleanup may fail if the device was disconnected during the cleanup process.

Configuring Device Cleanup

Step 1: In Cloud Web Portal navigate to 'Settings' → 'Device Policies'.

Step 2: Choose how the devices should be cleaned. 

The checkbox "Enable release without cleanup" gives the user/project admin the ability to release the device without cleanup.

Web Cleanup

Clears browser cache & history. (Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS).


This cleanup is done by Grid, the Grid runs the cleanup with the user: cloud device cleaner.

This user's password is created and maintained by the cloud server.

Reset to Default Language and Region

Cloud Admin can configure the default language and region for iOS devices so that when the device turns to clean up mode, it will return to default language and region.

Without Web Cleanup - In case the cloud admin has configured Region/Language to the device. At the end of the device session, default Region/Language would be set. If the device Region/Language was not set (none value), we will keep the current device Region/Language.

Web Cleanup - Before the cleanup process, the cloud will switch the device language, to English, and return it to the default language at the end of the cleanup process. If there is no language value for that device, the English language would be set.

iOS Configuration Profile

Cloud Admin can upload iOS Configuration Profiles and assign them to iOS devices so that during cleanup assigned configuration profiles will be applied to iOS devices.

Application Cleanup

Step 1:  Make sure Application Cleanup is checked. Click the arrow in the Application Cleanup section.

Step 2: Click 'Add Blacklist Application':

Step 3: Now Blacklist applications can be configured (list of application that will be uninstalled from the device on device release):

Step 4: Blacklist applications can be added, edited or removed.

Each Blacklist applications relates to a single project.

Cloud Administrator can add blacklist application for any project.

Project Administrator can add blacklist applications for his own project only.

Step 5: Enter the application name. When a wildcard is specified - the system will uninstall all applications that match the wildcard.
Wildcard value can be specified as an identifier - for example *Bank*  means to uninstall all applications which package name/bundle id contains string Bank. 
Choose OS Type of application: Android / iOS are the only valid values.

After clicking the tick icon, the application is added to the blacklist applications.

Step 6: Blacklist applications can be edited and deleted as well. For application removal, Click on delete icon:

After finish editing, click 'Save'.

  • If admin reserved a device that belongs to the project 'Default', the cleanup that was configured to 'Default' will run on the device after releasing it.
  • If admin reserved a device that does not belong to project 'Default', no clean up will run on the device after releasing it.
  • If admin reserved a device that belongs to more than one project, no clean up will run on the device after releasing it.

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