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Only real devices are supported.

A project administrator can restrict users certain actions or applications by navigating to Settings  ─> Device Policies ─> click on the Restrictions tab

Restricted Applications

  • Project Administrator's restrictions will apply to all users of the project but will not apply to project administrators.

Click 'Create' for creating a restriction:

To create a new restriction - Administrators should provide the following parameters: 

  1. OS  - The mobile application OS (iOS or Android)
  2. Match type - How to identify the application - Exactly matching or Partial.
  3. Application Identifier - String that will be used to identify the running application, according to the Match Type chosen.
  4. Action - The action that will be performed, once the application has been identified as running on the device (Kill application/Send Application to Home Screen)

Restricted Application Permissions

Click 'Create' to add a new permission restriction.

Enter the name of the permission, and choose which action you want to perform when an app with such permission is launched. You can also add a list of permissions by separating them with a comma.

Differentiating between activities with similar names

In Android 5.0 and above:

When several activities share the same activity name, you can specify the activity you want to restrict from its text title or content.

Here is an example of how to restrict the security setting in the Settings application, but allow users to visit Wi-Fi/Bluetooth activities: Security

Where "SubSetting" is the activity name and "Security" is the activity text title.

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