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Project and Cloud Admins can now create a JIRA issue from within the Reporter's test detail page.

New issue fields can be filled with test fields or tags such test's name or device's properties.

In order to create an issue, the user needs to login to JIRA


Each project has its own JIRA configuration which can be accessed as shown below.

The following page is loaded when the Jira Configuration is clicked. This page configures JIRA for the currently selected project.

Required fields for the Jira Configuration

Base URL

The base URL to be used to open a new JIRA issue, for example:

Project ID

Your JIRA's project ID where the issue will be created.

How to get project id from the Jira User Interface

Issue Type

Select the issue type code to be created, standard-issue types are

  • 1 = Bug
  • 2 = New Feature
  • 3 = Task
  • 4 = Improvement

Fields that are required to open issues but not defined will be required when a JIRA issue is opened.

Default fields for Jira Configurations

You can fill the issue's field with a constant value, test field (such name), or tag value.


The field name of the issue, examples:

  • summary
  • priority
  • reporter

Enter the desired constant value or test's field name prefixed by &, for example:

Joe DoeThe field will be populated with the constant value "Joe Doe"
&nameThe field will be populated with the value of the test's name.
5The field will be populated with the constant value "5"

Available test's fields are:

  • name
  • startTime (Unix timestamp)
  • duration
  • status ("pass", "fail", etc.)
  • success (true or false)

Adds or updates (see below) the field & value pair.

Clear field & value inputs.

Removes the field & value.

To modify an existing field, selecting it in from the table populates "Field" & "Value" inputs, do the change then click on the checkmark.

To save the current configuration press the "SAVE" button.

Issue creation

You can create Jira issues from Video Report.

For more information about creating issues please visit Creating Issues via direct HTML links.

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