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Application manager allows performing following actions through the cloud web portal.

A project administrator can also manage the applications through Applications Rest API.

To navigate to the 'Applications Lab' click 'Applications' from any screen.

Upload Application

Step 1: Click 'Upload'.

Step 2: Select the file to be uploaded.

You can do the following actions with the uploaded application.

  • Download
  • Install
  • Re-Instrument Application
  • Uninstall Application
  • Delete Application

Application Information Panel

Step 1: Click the application line.

The following information is available about the application:

  • Created At - date and time, when an application was uploaded.
  • Size - application file size.
  • Full Application Name - bundle id for iOS applications/package and activity name for Android applications.
  • Version
  • OS (Android/iOS)
  • Notes
  • Project
  • Unique Name - can be specified only when uploading application via API. The application can be installed using its unique name. 

iOS specific information

  • Release Version - Application version as it appears in the "CFBundleShortVersionString" field in the info.plist
  • Profile to use - can be specified only when uploading application via API

Android specific information

  • Camera Support - specified when uploading application
  • Fingerprint Support - specified when uploading application
  • Custom Keystore -  can be specified only when uploading application via API

iOS Application Information Panel:

Android Application Information Panel:

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