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Project Admin can manage the configuration of his project. Project configurations include the following resources.

Project Logo is the log of the project and displayed when any user of the project logs into the cloud. See the project logo highlighted below.

Project Logo can be changed by a Project Admin using steps below:

Click Settings → Project Settings

Click on Upload and you will get an upload screen. You can now select a new logo image in the subsequent browse screen. 

Project admin can reset the logo to the default.

Click Settings → Project Settings → Reset

The action will lead you to delete the current logo image and reset to default.

Project-specific session properties 

  • Project Admin has the ability to set the default app properties for the project. Each project will have its own default app properties
  • The properties will be applied for STAW, Grid, Eclipse Plugins, IntelliJ Plugins sessions.
  • Properties lists can be found at  SetProperty page

Click Settings → Project Automation 

Add, Edit, and Delete buttons can be used to add the property name and values.

Appium Server Support

Project Admins has the ability to set the default Appium server version.

Each project will have its own default Appium version.

Once enabled, executing an Appium test will not require the appiumVersion capability as the test will be executed against the default version set for the project.

Also, when using SeeTest Automation - Web interface and Developing Automated Tests From Your Browser, the development will be done using the default Appium version set for the project, allowing full Appium compliance while developing your tests and executing them.

Cloud administrator can block project admins to change automation type, in this case the option will be disable. See Project Resources for more details.

Users assigned to a project configured to be an Appium project will be blocked from connecting through SeeTestAutomation and Appium Studio

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