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Network Virtualization is a way to simulate real network conditions and disruptions and is set up by the Cloud Administrators. As part of this setup, Cloud Admin also creates Network Profiles.

Project Admin can view these Network Profiles and instruct the project users to apply these profiles.

Click Settings → Network Profiles

Details of a Network Profile can be viewed by selecting the Network Profile.

The screenshot below displays the Network Profile panel which has Latency, Bandwidth and other useful network characteristics for Network Profile "Monitor".

Network Profile can be applied using the following ways,

  • In Automation test cases, using SetNetworkConditions command.
  • By opening any device in SeeTest web interface and selecting the profile as shown below.

Request for a new Network Profile

Project Admin does not have the permissions to create a Network Profile. In an event when a new profile is needed, the request must be passed on to the Cloud Admin so that it can be created.

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