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Test View is a SeeTest Reporter feature, which provides an ability to create/modify views for their test runs based on some important criteria's.

For Example, the screenshot below displays a test view for Android Tests sorted on user names.

Since SeeTest Reports collects the test data, once such a test view is created then it could be watched or viewed anytime.

Test View - Create, Modify and Delete

Test View can be created by the following steps.

Click Test Views → Create in SeeTest Reporter

This will create a new view, wherein the parameters/filters can be specified which the user needs.

Lets attempt to create a test view for test runs for ios devices.

Select device.os as shown in the screenshot below.

You can now add value for device.os by clicking "Add Filter" and setting the value as "iOS"

Save the test view by clicking the save icon as shown below.

Similarly, test views can be Edited or deleted using Edit and Delete buttons.

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