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Release Notes
Released 04 May 2022,  Previous release notes

The Highlights:

 Selenium 4 Full Support Continuous Testing now supports Selenium 4 with CDP commands.
Read more about this feature here.

 Automation - Quick Start Tests gets Nightwatch.js framework

Nightwatch.js is a popular, easy to use End-to-End testing solution for websites, written in Node.js.
To enable users to leverage this framework for the tests, we added quick start tests written in Nightwatch.js on the automation page.
Read more about this feature here.

 Latest Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 15.4.1
  • iOS 15.5 Beta 3
  • Android 12* & 13*
  • Chrome: 101 

  • Firefox: 99 (100 Beta)
  • Edge: 101
  • Safari: 15.4

  Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • Android Devices
    • Android 5.1 and above
  • iOS Devices:
    • iOS 12.3.x, iOS 12.4.x
    • iOS 13 
    • iOS 14
    • iOS 15

Notes and Known Issues

  • Limitation on Android 12 and 13 device is mentioned here.
  • Due to the latest limitations, it is suggested to remove the passcode on iOS 15.x devices in cloud.
  • Change Orientation doesn't work in iOS 15.4.1 and 15.5 Beta devices.
  • Since Appium Client 8 is not supported in Appium Grid due to technical limitations, please use Appium OSS.
  • Chrome 96 version is supported only in macOS BigSur and later.
  • Scanning of QR Code is not supported in iOS 15.4.1 and iOS 15.5 Beta devices.

 Additional New Features

 BrowserStudio - Improvements to the manual reports.

 Cloud Management 

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access the Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact support@digital.a

On-Premise Deployment

Important Notes and Known Issues

  • We are now supporting new versions of PostgreSQL 14.2 / 13.6/ 12.10. Starting from 22.8 we will not support old versions 9.6.x /10.7+/11.x for both cloud and reporter.

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Regression - Swipe doesn't work on iPhone 6s devices - FIXED
  • Android - Manual instrumentation improvements on MacOS - DONE
  • Android - Upgrade image injection libraries - DONE
  • Application Signer - Improvements on temp files management - DONE
  • DHM improvement - add functionality that periodically checks whether DHM machine can connect to itself - DONE
  • OSS Project - Mobile studio - Error upon switching to STAW - DONE
  • Mobile Studio - Switch Simulators/Emulators to new UI - Done

 Next Release and Important Announcements

  • Due date*:  01.06.2022 (or prior)
  • Web Studio old UI will be available until August 2022 (v. 22.7).
  • With version 22.2, we are not supporting Internet Explorer (IE) for desktop browser testing (both manual and Grid).
  • Selenium agent for macOS officially supports the last 3 major OS versions. Hence, Selenium agent will not be supported in macOS Mojave starting from version 22.5.

*Please note that the due date and highlights of the next release are as anticipated by Continuous Testing on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

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