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In this version, we introduce an exciting new product as well as new features and functionalities..

Appium Studio is an enhanced version of Appium that makes Appium testing simple to set up and use and offers parallel execution and high scalability. 

In addition, SeeTest 10.8 comes with numerous features and improvements designed to enable wider hands-free automation, so that you can perform more continuous testing of additional use cases, directly from CI.

Main release highlights:

Appium Studio - Enteprise Edition

Enjoy the benefits of open-source Appium, while meeting your enterprise needs. Set-up within minutes, enable remote mobile application testing, run iOS tests on Windows machines, easily write tests, and receive immediate mobile OS version and beta support. Start writing new tests  or use your existing Appium tests.

Appium Studio Highlights:

  • Single click installation along with all the required development tools. 
  • Easily develop new tests or execute existing tests on any local or remote devices with the intuitive GUI.
  • Run iOS Appium tests on Windows machines. 
  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Run Appium tests on remote devices, simulators or emulators directly from CI using out-of-the-box grid for large scale parallel execution (in conjunction with SeeTestCloud). 
  • Test outside of your app (iOS) and cover complex use cases such as fingerprint authentication and scanning with full device control and 3rd party integrations
  • Ensure you are testing the devices and OS in your customers’ hands, with wide device support and guaranteed new version and beta support
  • Easily understand application structure and write robust, maintainable tests scripts with advanced object identification methods such as XPath and Object Spy. 
  • Benefit from Appium Studio’s stable test execution engine that avoids unexpected test failures (based on SeeTestAutomation engine)
  • Recieve detailed test reports for shorter root cause identification and faster fault resolution

Important note: Appium Studio is part of the SeeTestAutomation download. Once you upgrade your SeeTestAutomation to 10.8, both will be available and you can select which automation tool you would like to work with: SeeTestAutomation or Appium Studio.

For more details see Appium Studio Documentation.

[Appium Studio]

SeeTest Automation Web Interface (free Beta)

This feature helps you develop tests in your IDE – such as Eclipse, InteliJ IDEA or Visual studio –and run them on SeeTestCloud, with no need for locally installed automation software. 

  • Use SeeTestAtomation object spy to understand application structure and obtain object identifiers
  • Download an automation project boilerplate and start running your test from the CI pipeline
  • Control the automation session directly from your IDE
  • See the automation session on a device reflection

The Automation Web Interface supports automation capabilities for iOS 9 and above and Android 4.4 and above. Integration is available to any Java or C# based IDE

For more details see SeeTest Automation Web Interface Documentation


iOS simulators - boot simulators from code

SeeTestAutomation now fully supports the boot sequence for iOS Simulators.

Use hands-free automation directly from your CI tools to expand your test automation and add tests on iOS Simulators to your application build process.

For more details see Simulators Documentation


iPad multitasking support 

Improve coverage for complex use cases for iPad \ Large iPhone users

SeeTestAutomation now supports testing of iOS applications operating in multi-tasking mode, with no need to instrument your application.


Additional Changes

1SummaryDescriptionIssue Type
1Android - Chrome - Support get \ set Window Handlers

SeeTestAutomation Android test automation developers can now use Selenium's getWindowHandler in-order to switch javascript evaluation contexts
this allows for automating scenarios on Google Chrome mobile devices with Tabs created \ pop-ups appear and increases Seetest compliance with Selenium WDP

2Cloud Server - Enable downloading files via URLCloud admins can use the server in-order to host Dependencies for test automation engineers \ developers DocsImprovement
3NATIVE_APP context should be determined by capability Users can determine the Native context by specifying a capability DocsImprovement
4Add NV Profile capability to Appium clientAdded the ability to set a network profile from SeeTestAppium Drivers DocsImprovement
5STMW - Upload Application To Project when user Installs from Local pathCloud will store the applications installed by the user for easier future accessImprovement
6iOS - support energy monitoring of cloud devicesBattery monitoiring is now supported for remote \ local iOS DevicesImprovement
7Appium Driver - Add capability that disables Application close on Driver quit

Today when a user uses the driver.quit() method, we run Device.Action("Home") to close (leave) the application
This capability can disable it, and keep the device with his last active screen for test continuation

 dc.setCapability(SeeTestCapabilityType.DONT_GO_HOME_ON_QUIT, true) // Default is false
8Appium Driver - Add SeeTest Server Properties as capabilitiesAdd capabilities that will allow testers to change SeeTest server configurationImprovement
9Android - Sign Application using provided Keystore details Specify which keystore will be used post the app instrumentation process DocsImprovement
10TouchID - To be able to set the mock authentication reply when launching an applicationHave the ability to mock fingerprint authentication when the app is launched (as first step) DocsImprovement
11Manual Reports Viewer - Passed \ Failed Steps or Actions indicator Show a line indicator next to the reports steps or actions that will indicate whether or not the step has failed or passedImprovement
12Add device category to GetDeviceProperty command

Add the ability to know at run time if the device is phone or tablet.

13Launch app in iOS fails when the device screen in lockedMake sure we unlock a device before launch is executedBug
14Device returns from reboot with Error status if XCode is runningNeed to synchronize the boot stages to prevent this issue from occuringBug
15Safari - WebInspector becomes unstable after multiple launches (300+)iOS WebKit Server becomes unstable after multiple launches. iOS device recovery methods have been added to resolve this issueBug
16Ruby Client - Failure In Element commands doesn't end the test where it shouldThrow exception when element verification commands failedBug
17iOS - unable to get a WKWebView dump in non-instrumented modeWe are now able to view the native properties of elements which reside within a WKWebView ContainerBug
18Shifted instrumented dump - iphone 7 - iOSSome applications displayed a shifted dump with iPhone 7 devicesBug
19iOS - App plugin causes shifted non-instrumented dumpFixed dump relations when iOS Plugins are running along with the appBug
20iOS GetInstalledApplications returns wrong valuesGet Installed applications clears the cache from the device prior to the command executionBug
21Ruby client - Remove listener doesn't workSupport remove mobile listener for Ruby ClientBug
22iOS - elementSendText() in landscape send additional valuesFixed issue where ElementSendText appends additional chars in Landscape modeBug

For more information please visit Experitest documentation.

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