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The entire SeeTest Suite of tools now fully supports iOS 11 GA.

The use of native application development and testing tools is continuing to grow, as well as the need to test responsive digital apps on numerous platforms. SeeTest 11.2 is focused on helping you make the most of SeeTest Digital Assurance Lab and SeeTest Grid, whichever environment you are working from. 

Further leverage XCode and Android Studio to develop on real remote devices. Scale your unit testing and automation efforts and run XCTest or Espresso tests on multiple real devices using Grid Test Execution, without ever leaving your IDE.

Why stop there? Add your Selenium tests to the same automation project, and trigger mass cross platform testing on numerous browsers all at once.

The new Loadrunner Client makes sure you don’t stop at functional testing, and allows you to trigger large scale performance testing directly from Loadrunner.

Test automation is only as effective as its use case coverage. SeeTest 11.2 includes coverage for additional common scenarios such as Siri integration with your app for iOS devices.


Main Release Highlights:

Full iOS 11 GA support

The entire SeeTest suite of tools now fully supports iOS 11 GA version.  

  • Develop automated tests on iOS 11 with Appium Studio & SeeTestAutomation. 
  • Test and develop on remote iOS 11 Apple devices with SeeTestCloud (Digital Assurance lab, SaaS or on-premise). 
  • Execute Your tests in parallel on multiple iOS 11 devices. 
  • Develop and debug mobile applications using Xcode on iOS 11 devices.  

[Digital Assurance Lab (formerly SeeTestCloud), SeeTestAutomation, Appium Studio, Grid test Execution - web & mobile, App development & debugging]

 XCTest and Espresso Grid Test Execution

Developers can now execute massive unit testing by running XCTest and espresso tests on multiple devices in the cloud, in parallel. Developers receive rapid and comprehensive feedback on their code, helping them to commit better code.
Plan, manage and execute test sessions on the devices and browsers of your choice using an easy to use interface, or directly from your CI or IDE (such as Jenkins or gradle) using Rest APIs.
Test Execution Configuration grants users full control over execution management and life cycle. Execution plans can be created, canceled, deleted and run directly from the Digital Assurance Lab. Test Execution Plan also allows the setting of parameters such as device reservation time and test plan timeout. Select specific target devices and browsers, or define broad parameters.

Grid Execution online guide

[Digital Assurance Lab (formerly SeeTestCloud)]

Selenium Grid Test Execution

Selenium tests can be executed on numerous browsers in the Digital Device Lab using Grid Test Execution. Simply define the appropriate SeeTestGrid parameters in your automation capabilities file, to benefit from capabilities such as the ability to see tests live during the execution and receive detailed visual test reports.

Selenium Grid Test Execution online guide

[Digital Assurance Lab (formerly SeeTestCloud)]

Loadrunner client

Large scale automated performance testing can now be triggered directly from Loadrunner, with the VUGen Grid test execution client.

[Digital Assurance Lab (formerly SeeTestCloud)]

Test Your App With Siri

Ensure smooth user experience as you test the integration of your application with Siri Voice assistant, on remote mobile devices.

(Requires iOS 11)

Integrating with Siri voice assitant


Important Notes

  • Before updating a secured cloud to 11.2 version, the cloud admin must verify that the property <cloud-server-host> is in the cloud server configuration file, otherwise the cloud server will failed to load.
    For more information please see the Steps to configure secured Cloud Server Machine inside Secured Network Connection - (TLS & HTTPS)

  • iOS 11 will not use 'visible' and 'hidden' property in non-instrumented applications, tests that identify element with visible/hidden property may fail.

Known Issues 

iOS 11 Simulators

SeeTest 11.2 currently does not support iPhone and iPad simulators that are running iOS 11

Additional Changes




Issue Type

Support for iOS 11 GM relese

Experitest's suite of tools (Appium Studio, SeeTest Cloud, SeeTestAutomation) now supports iOS 11 GM. Apps can be tested for compatibility and regression without delay.


Support for Android 8.0

Support the new Android version Oreo (Android 8.0)


Publish to Reporter from Grid & Local client

Allow to automatically publish tests report to SeeTest Reporter when running tests from grid or local


Web studio support simulate capture on uploaded application

Web Studio users can now upload and install applications that uses camera, in order to use "Simulate Capture"
5Grid Client - Client for Vugen (HP LoadRunner)

You can now run your performance tests written in Vugen on a real Cloud devices, this can achieve by using the new grid client specifically built for Vugen environment, currently we support only tests in C-Vuser project.

6Cloud Admin - Set max grid clients per project

Cloud admin has the ability to limit Grid resources for each project

7Appium Driver - Add custom message to the report

Add custom lines to the test report:

driver.executeScript("\"This is a custom message inserted into the test report. It will be marked there as failed\", \"false\")");

Appium Studio Community - Support code export for Python

Allow to use Code Export for Python, Appium Studio is now support code export for Java C# and PythonImprovement

Cloud with Single port - Configuring the agents automatically

Cloud single port configuration has been simplified. Cloud server automatically configures all the DHMs to work as single port.Improvement
10Appium Driver - Support findElement with css selector

support findElement() command with By.cssSelector()

11Cloud - Maven Repository

Enable the cloud maven repository by default

For more information: Cloud Server Maven Repository

12 Apple Developer accountFixing error when registering to Apple Developer account if team name contains commaBug
13iOS Simulator - Failed to launch instrumented applicationAllow to launch to instrumented app on simulator and use all the instrumentation capabilitiesBug
14iOS Non-instrumented - Close Keyboard() command does not work when the device is in landscapeOn some iOS devices the Close Keyboard() command was not closed the keyboard when the device orientation set to landscape on non-instrumented application, the bug fixedBug
15Cloud API - install app will always instrument the application

Now, when installing application threw the rest api, the application will be instrument only if setting the parameter 'instrument=true'

for more information: Manage applications with the API

16Reporter - Failed to upload tests report when ruining TestNG tests in parallel Now, you can run TestNG tests in parallel and all of the tests results and reports will be published in the reporterBug
17Cloud MSSB - Moving MSSB to another DHM keep the DHM offlineFixing MSSB configurtation issue - when moving MSSB from one DHM to another DHM it wont cause the "old" DHM to be offlineBug
18iOS 11 - SetPickerValue() command doesn't work

Now you can use our pickecr abilities on iOS 11 devices

For more information: setPickerValues

19iOS 10 - Long run stabilityFixed error (setShouldHaltWhenReceivesControl) during running long run tests (6+ hours) on iOS 10 devices, now the long run tests are more stable Bug
20iOS Safari - Pasting url string with special chars got the device to become offlineFixed, Now you can past url on safari browser that include special chars (like %s) Bug

Test Plan Espresso - Failed to run tests on multiple devices in paralle

Fixed, you can now run you test plan on multiple android device in parallel

For more information: Creating Execution Plans for Espresso

22Android - adb command with long execution time failed due to timeout

Now, the user how the ability to increase default adb command timeout, and avoiding from timeout error.

This can accomplish by using the command : 'client.setDefaultTimeout()'

For more information: SetDefaultTimeOut

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