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Version 11.8 is packed with new ways you can deliver great digital apps, faster.

First and foremost we are excited to introduce a automated visual testing that will help you ensure your website provides great experiences to humans, and not just to machines. Additional new tools and capabilities include a brand new interface for the Reporter, additional accessibility testing tools and more.

Finally, true to our commitment to support the latest OS versions, SeeTest 11.8 supports recently released iOS 12 developer preview version.



Main Release Highlights:

New! Automated Visual Testing - BETA

Most current cross-browser test automation solutions are designed for testing the functional logic of an application. Yet people do not use the application logic - they can only use what they see.

With advances in browser technology and the adoption of responsive web design, most issues today occur mainly in the way a page is rendered in a specific display. These issues cannot be identified by popular selenium-based cross browser testing solutions. This leaves the most important part of your cross browser-testing effort to labor-intensive manual testing.

Now you can finally automate your layout testing.

Experitest is excited to introduce a new Automated Visual Testing solution that allows you to create and execute automated tests to verify your UI across different browsers and window sizes.

(To join the beta program please contact support)

New test analytics interface

Test Analytics have a brand new interface that helps you receive the information you need in an instant. 

Easily define visual reports based on filters and sub filters, including date, build, platform, version, and numerous other parameters. Create an instant snapshot of what is important for you by selecting what you want to see on the management dashboard.

Easily identify issues and understand root cause by highlighting errors and drilling down to detailed test reports. 



Accessibility testing for iOS

Verify that your iOS app or web page is fully accessible on iOS devices.
Highlight and identify all elements that are tagged for accessibility. See the accessibility label, and perform accessibility actions (next, previous, tap) to ensure a great customer experience for everyone.



Capture network traffic to a PCAP file

Easily understand your digital app’s network resource utilization. Capture the network traffic of the tested mobile device to a standard PCAP file. Open in Wireshark to ensure efficiency or use to investigate failures.


Share your session

Resolve issues faster by inviting team members to view your session live.


[Digital Assurance Lab]

Important notes

  • Starting from version 11.8 the command  getDeviceProperty("");  is changed. The return value of the command no longer contains the prefix adb: or ios_app: , and returns only the plain name of the device.

  • SeeTest Reporter upgrade to version 11.8 - Streams and Dashboards data will not be saved upgrade. Saved filters & views will need to be reconfigured.

  • Appium Touch Action commands functionality on iOS changed according to Appium's release (v.1.8.0)coordinates will be taken as absolute and not relative. To change the default behavior to the old behavior - add the appiumVersion capability with value 1.7. Read more here.

Known issues

  • PCAP capture feature is not supported in Appium grid.
  • Uploading of same version of same application to same cloud project in parallel is problematic - one of requests will overwrite the application of other request.
  • Cloud - Application upload from STMW takes longer then uploading from cloud's Applications page. This issue is mainly noticeable on environments with large latency & relatively big application file size. In such cases we recommend to only upload using the Applications page\API and not directly from STMW session.

Additional Changes




Issue Type

1Appium Studio for Eclipse - Add a Copy Unique Xpath OptionAppium Studio for Eclipse users can now extract a Unique XPath for UI elements by a simple click of a button. "Copy Unique XPath (skip text)" is most recommended in order to create more stable & accurate tests.New Feature
2Audio play dosen't work on single port cloudCloud with single port configuration now supports the feature of Audio play\listen from mobile devicesBug
3Selenium Agent - Manual Browser - Add support for single port cloudManual testing of desktop browsers is now enabled with cloud server single port configurationNew Feature
4RDB - iOS device is not identified if Xcode is already runningFrom version 11.8 there is no need to restart Xcode each time a new session of Remote Debugging begins. The Xcode will identify the debugged iOS device.Bug
5Cloud API - Support Device Reboot

Rebooting of mobile device in the cloud is now possible with API V1:

  • id = the cloud device id.
6Cloud - Device Groups - Add filtersTo improve device groups management in the cloud, a new set of filters has been added to Device Groups edit page. This will allow cloud administrators an easier distribution of the mobile device between the different cloud projects.Improvement
7iOS - Get Dump from assistive touch

SeeTest tools now allow getting dump from iOS assistive touch to enable the usage of Recent Apps and Screenshot abilities.

client.setProperty("ios.dump.focus.process", "process_name:AssistiveTouchd");"NATIVE", "xpath=//*[@text='AssistiveTouch menu']", 0, 1);
8Appium Studio for Eclipse - Add option to switch between types of dumpStarting from 11.8, every dump file taken from Appium Studio for Eclipse will include the ability to switch between instrumented & non-instrumented dump types.New Feature
9Android - support enable and disable GPS and Bluetooth for SeeTest and Appium clients
client.setNetworkConnection("bluetooth", true);

See more documentation about the GPS and the bluetooth properties.

New Feature
10STMW/STAW - Release device after closing the STMW browser tabClosing the tab of Manual\Automation mobile testing session in the cloud will release the mobile device automaticallyImprovement
11Cloud - Add notes field to users info panelTo allow better users management in the cloud- there has been added a free-text notes section to each user that cloud administrator & project administrator can view & edit.Improvement
12Grid Client - Support the usage of Access-Key in Vugen grid clients

Vugen grid user can identify in their tests using an access key instead of username+password+project:

const char *grid_access_key_init(grid_client *gridClient, const char * accessKey, const char * domain, int port, ic_bool isSecured, void(*exception_callback)(struct grid_client_t *))
13Cloud - Applications page - Add "Release Version" value for iOS appsiOS application version as appears in the cloud is a value from the application's plist - "CFBundleVersion". We have added new "Release version" value for all newly uploaded iOS application which will be taken from the app's plist value- "CFBundleShortVersionString" and can be seen in the cloud server UI.Improvement
14STA - cloud device cannot be tested locallyFixed SeeTest Automation issue where devices that were previously connected to cloud, were not identified properly when connected locally to STA.Bug
15NV - After Kernel upgraded NV server must be re-installedLinux OS upgrade on the NV server machine will no longer require a new installation of NV software.Bug
16Cloud - temp files of Usage Reports are not getting deleted from temp folderFixed a bug in the cloud server where each time a usage report was created, a copy of it was created in temp folder.Bug
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