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Version 12.0 is focused on making testing throughout the development cycle as quick and effective as possible, so you can obtain actionable feedback as early as possible.
Features like network tunneling enable better early validation by developers, while debugging data for tests that were not completed reduce automation maintenance efforts.

This version also fully supports iOS 12 GA version.



Main Release Highlights:

Network tunnel

Create a network connection between local servers or staged applications and remote devices located in the Digital Assurance Lab. The network tunnel expands your testing possibilities to applications that were previously inaccessible to test on an external environment.
This functionality enables early application validation before performing a build or using staging environments.



Single Sign-On

Support for SAML 2.0 SSO allows users to use their enterprise credentials when accessing the Digital Assurance Lab, creating a streamlined user experience and enhanced security.
Administrators can manage cloud user access in their existing SSO system, avoiding duplication and errors.



Manual browser testing

Take screenshots and generate videos of your exploratory browser tests. Easily report issues and share exact scenario information with team members for rapid debugging.


Debug data for incomplete test

SeeTest Reporter now contains debug data not only for failed tests, but also for tests that were not completed. Speed up fault resolution and improve test maintenance and stability by extending your ability to debug failures and better identify application or test suite issues.


[SeeTest Reporter]

Important notes

  • From version 12.1 Cloud Server and DHM will run only on 64 bit environments. Migration process with help of our support team will start in version 12.1.

  • Selenuim Agent on Windows 7 support only one concurrent session of grid or manual testing.

  • SeeTest Grid Client for Python does not support the SeeTest repository.

  • Starting version 12.2 of cloud server the Whitelist Cleanup feature will be removed.

  • SetAuthentication reply with error code -7 has changed it's error string to "No identities are enrolled" in order to match changes made by Apple to iOS 11.

Known issues

  • Network Tunnel - does not support proxy with SSL connection.

Additional Changes




Issue Type

1Cloud Performance EnhancementsMany improvements have been made to the performance and stability of the cloud, on both server-side and client-sideImprovement
2Cloud Server 64-bitCloud Server can now be installed as 64-bit. Using this type of installation is recommended in order to improve stability and performance.Improvement
3Python Grid ClientSeeTest Python client users can now start and run their tests on the grid. Few minor changes are to made at the beginning of the test, read more about it here.New Feature
4Cloud projects- Limit Concurrent Selenium sessions per projectAllow cloud admin to limit the maximum concurrent Selenium sessions for each cloud projectNew Feature
5Manual Testing - Long clicks has no indicationAdded visual indication in the web studios (STMW\STAW) for any click, long-click, swipe, etc. so that users will know that their action is being sent to the mobile deviceImprovement
6License Usage ReportCloud Admins can produce a license usage report in order to monitor the license usage over time as well as license usage peaks. Read more on how to produce such reports here.New Feature
7SeeTest Client support in Java JUnit 5SeeTest Automation now supports code export of SeeTest Client code to Java JUnit 5Improvement
8Digital Assurance Lab - Cannot assign a device to Device GroupThis fix is relevant only for Cloud Admins. Fixed a caching issue in the cloud web UI that caused some of the devices to not be visible in the Device Group devices table.Bug
9Can't auto accept or dismiss alerts on iOS12Auto accept and dismiss of alerts using the SeeTest platform is now possible also for iOS12. Read more about it hereBug
10Selenium & Appium reports improvementsSelenium & Appium reports has improved by grouping several iterations of webDriverWait command and concatenating recursive FindElementBy commandsImprovement
11Appium Chrome driver - executeScript should work with SeeTest commandsAppium web tests that use Chrome Driver can now use the variety of SeeTest advanced abilities using executeScript command. Read more in our documentationBug
12Chrome Driver - XPath characters with accents are not recognizedFixed an issue where XPath expression that contains characters with accents (i.e. à, é, ò) was not identified during a test runBug
13STAW - Object Spy search - property usage in XPath with () doesn't workThe search-bar in STAW's Object Spy can now also search the elements-tree by advanced XPath expressions that contains text() or axis specifiers such as ancestor, child, followingBug
14Eclipse Photon - Run selected line feature"Run Selected Line" feature in Appium Studio for Eclipse now works on Eclipse PhotonBug
15Appium Studio for Eclipse - Display Javadocs automatically when configuring Mobile NatureUsers of Appium Studio for Eclipse that use the tool's abilities to convert simple Java project into a Mobile Automation project will now get the relevant Javadocs with no extra effortImprovement
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