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Release Highlights:

New cross browser testing functionality

  • Select latest browser version in Cross Browser Testing: Add an additional layer of abstraction to your automated tests and reduce maintenance by running your tests on the "Latest" or "Latest-x" browser version. SeeTest Continuous Testing Platfrom with run the test on the latest version available. 
  • Additional customization and information in selenium test reports - users can add a step in the report from the client code

Browser and OS version support

  • iOS 12.3.1
  • Android Q Beta 3

Infrastructure changes and improvements

SeeTest Version 12.5 is mainly focused on infrastructure changes designed to improve performance and user experience. 

On-premise customers, see below for more details.

Additional Features



1Eclipse Plugin - element counts in query Improved the way users can go through multiple elements answering the same query
2Appium-SeeTest-Extension - Supports Install(appPath,instrument,keepData)Supporting the most commonly used install function signature
3Automation QuickStart - Ruby code samples for Appium / SeleniumGenerate sample Ruby Code from the Quick Start section in your cloud

Selenium Agents - Have the ability to use driver.executeScript("")

User can add a step in the report from the client code documentation

5Selenium Grid - Ignored Exceptions from Script show test as passed on SeeTestReporterIf exception was thrown but caught in a try/catch block in TestNG, test will not fail
6Grid - Ruby - support for releaseDevice argument in lockdeviceforExecution methodAbility to keep a device reserved after test ends in Ruby Grid Client
7Grid - Ruby - support for onlyAvailable argument in lockdeviceforExecution method

Ability to use only available devices in Ruby Grid Client


Reporter - Gathers every 'it' into a group of commands in the report

Protractor - Aggregation of all steps under one 'it' to one group in the report

Reporter - Supports downloading a test view as a PDF and HTML

Export test views as PDF and HTML from UI
10Cloud Admins - download support data from the Reporter

Cloud Admin can download support data from the Reporter UI, the support data will help to thee Experitest support team to handle issues in Reporter Server faster

For more information see: Collect Support Data

Known issues and bug fixes



1Appium Studio for IntelliJ - IntelliJ Version 2018.3 supported
2Corrected error message when the number of concurrent reservations has exceeded the licence limit. Message now indicated no available license instead of error.

Additional Information for On-premise Deployments

Architectural Changes - Allow deploying RPM (Region Proxy Manager) on a separate machine

Region Proxy Manager (RPM)  introduced in 12.4, can be deployed on a separate machine.

Installing the RPM on a separate machine reduces the effort and load from the Cloud Server machine, it will reduces the CPU, Disk and Network usages and improves cloud stability 

Supported only on Cloud with Single Port Mode. 

We recommended to install RPM on a separate machine in medium/big Cloud:

  • 30-40 parallel grid sessions (Mobile and Browsers)
  • Application file size are bigger than 40MB
  • 30-40 parallels users (UI, Manual For Web, Automation For Web, Eclipse/IntelliJ Plugins)

Please read our docs about Region Proxy and Secured Network Connection (TLS & HTTPS)

Additional features, issues an bug fixes

1Reporter Server - The minimum and recommended storage requirement was updated to 250GB minimum and 500GB recommended. (Hardware Requirements)
2HSQLDB End of Life - From 12.7 SeeTest Cloud will not support integration with HSQLDB database and support only PostgreSQL database, we recommend to migrate before 12.7 release
3IMPROVEMENT - Cambrionix API - Cloud 12.5 install the latest Cambrionix API version (11.4), supported on MacOS 64bit

IMPROVEMENT - New backup utility for the Reporter Server, please see Backup and Restore Reporter Server

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