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Release Highlights:

Browser and OS version support

  • iOS 13 Beta 2
  • Android Q Beta 4

Performance Testing - Download HAR file

  • Capture, download and analyze HAR files to ensure great user experience

  • Generate HAR files during manual testing or as part of your continuous testing process

Capture Network Traffic

Appium Studio for Eclipse  - capabilities management and recorded test editing

You can now define test capabilities directly in Appium Studio for Eclipse, as you record a test. 

In addition, you can add steps to an existing test. Simply interact with the device to record new steps and add them to an existing test. 

Appium Studio for Eclipse - Capabilities Manager

Upload file in Selenium Agent

Easily test use cases that require file upload. Upload a file from local machine to a selenium agent during manual testing.

Upload File

Use device tags in test automation

A new way to identify devices in your test scripts. Define what devices to use in a test execution based on custom tags. Tags are defined by the cloud administrator. 

To add tags to device see Devices Rest API

To use device tags in a test see Device Queries

New Application Manager User Interface

Application Manager has an intuitive new user interface. Easy upload and install applications and manage versions. Scroll through an application list or search application names or versions.

Manually Installing Applications on Devices

Additional Features & Important Notes

Additional Features



1Web Studios - Android - Add Notch Skin to notch devices Added device skins for new Android models
2Eclipse Plugin - Show User in Cloud Devices Tab Know who is using the cloud devices directly from your eclipse plugin
3iOS - Support iPad Air 3 & iPad Mini 5th GenSeeTest officially supports iPad Air 3 & iPad Mini 5th Gen on all platforms
4Support Landscape-right applications on the Web StudiosApplication which opens up in Landscape-right will be supported on the Web Studios (configuration required)
5iOS - Collect dump - Alternative way to fetch dumpWe came up with a new way to fetch dump on iOS devices
6Devices Page - Allow to search by device group nameUsers can now search devices by the device group that they are assigned to

Important Notes

  • The following browsers have moved to the W3C browser protocol, and require Selenium jar version 3.14 and above:
    • Chrome version 75 and above
    • Safari version 12 and above

Additional Information for On-premise Deployments

Notes and Known Issues

  • SeeTest Cloud supports multi-region deployments. Please consult with our support team to find more.

  • HSQLDB End of Life - From 12.8 SeeTest Cloud will not support integration with HSQLDB database and support only PostgreSQL database, we recommend to migrate before 12.7 release
  • NV Server - From 12.6, NV proxy port is a mandatory configuration.

Additional features, issues an bug fixes

1BUG FixManual For Web - "Bad Network" notification appears only above threshold configured by the cloud admin
2BUG FixRemoved the email notifications to admin when a user tries to open a reserved device

NV Server supports Java 8

4IMPROVEMENTDevice Groups Audits - more logs added with the username details for any action related to the device groups (add/remove/edit/assign device/ un-assign device)
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