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Release Highlights:

Browser and OS version support

  • iOS 13 Beta 3
  • Android Q Beta 4

Manual Performance Testing

As enterprises increase their focus on customer experience it is critical to ensure service end to end performance. To date, performance testing focused on testing back-end systems (load, stress, etc.). Yet user experience is often a result of client side factors, network conditions or a combination of both.

Version 12.7 includes manual performance testing, that allows you to perform transactions on a remote real device and generate a report with the following data: 

  • Transaction duration
  • CPU consumption
  • Memory consumption
  • Battery consumption
  • Network data (upload and download)

Performance Report

Record Performance Transactions

Jenkins Plugin

This plug-in enables you to easily perform continuous testing directly from Jenkins. It is especially useful for quick and easy execution of XCUITest and Espresso tests as part of your CI pipeline. 

Use the Jenkins plug-in to

  • Insert cloud credentials to your pipeline
  • Upload mobile apps to the cloud with a simple build step
  • Easily execute XCUITest and Espresso tests
  • Define number and type of devices to be used in
  • Select execution goals (fast feedback or coverage)

The SeeTest Jenkins Plugin is available in the Jenkins marketplace or on GitHub

Additional OS support: Android TV

Ensure that your apps work flawlessly Android TV

  • Device reflection for manual testing
  • Use object spy for powerful element identification in Appium test developmet
  • Powerful large-scale test execution

Appium Studio for Eclipse: enhancements to test recording

In this version we have added additional features to the Appium Studio for Eclipse Test recording capabilities. These capabilities provide more flexibility in test creation for non-coders, allowing you to add and edit tests even after you initially recorded them.

In addition, we have added support for more automation frameworks.

Added capabilities:

Record a test in Appium Studio for Eclipse on a real remote device, and export the code to 

Android Emulator Support (Beta)

SeeTest now supports Manual and Automated testing on remote Android emulators

Additional Features & Important Notes





Get and Set Language and Region

You can now change device locale on run time - Language | Region


Default set of NV profile

We have added some new Network Virtualization profiles so you can test your app under real life scenario


Eclipse and IntelliJ Plugins - Support Pinch action

Zoom in &out a device during a live interaction in the Eclipse and IntelliJ Plugins


Selenium Agent - Support multi language keyboard on a mac selenium agent

set Keyboard Language from a manual session on a mac machine


Selenium Grid - Download files to your local machine

Ability to pull a file that has beed downloaded during a Grid Execution with Selenium


Selenium Manual - Download files to your local machine

Ability to Download File from a manual selenium session

Additional Information for On-premise Deployments

Notes and Known Issues

  • HSQLDB End of Life - From 12.8 SeeTest Cloud will not support integration with HSQLDB database and support only PostgreSQL database, we recommend to migrate before 12.7 release

  • We updated the hardware requirements, more detail can be found here: Hardware Requirements

New Features and bug fixes





New Cleanup step: Web-hook Cleanup

Send HTTP POST request to trigger additional custom steps as part of the device cleanup. For more information see: Webhook Cleanup

2Remove Selenium Agent restrictions in manual browser sessions

Cloud Admin can remove certain Selenium Agent restrictions in manual browser sessions, allowing extended test use-cases.

  • Access to browser Settings
  • Access to local files via file:// URLs
  • Access to OS drives on Windows 
  • Saving files to local disk 
For more information see Selenium Agent
3Configure email properties

You can now configure the email sender properties ("From" field) of any outgoing emails that are send by the Cloud Server. Cloud Email Configuration

4Reporter Storage Management

Define storage for a project without any execution. SeeTest Reporter Configuration

Bug fixes
1Usage Report - Cloud Admin actions was removed from the Users usage report - Fixed
2NV Server -  Network Status indication was false positive in some cases - Fixed
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