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SeeTest 12.8 Release Notes
Released 21 August 2019 ,  Previous release notes   

The Highlights:

 Performance Testing Automation, Video Report, and Reports Repository

In version 12.7 we announced the first installment of our much anticipated UI Performance Testing offering - manual testing.
In Version 12.8 we have significantly expanded this offering and we are happy to announce its second installment.
The second installment includes automation, 
transaction video reports and a report repository in Reporter: 

Automation: Performance transaction support is also available for automated testing in addition to manual testing.
This enables large scale performance transaction analytics directly from your CI/CD pipeline. 

Video in Transaction Report: Performance transaction report now includes a video of the transaction to facilitate quick debugging.

Reporter: Reporter now includes Transaction View, a repository for all performance transaction reports.
This enables comparing and seeing trends from previous reports/versions for the same transaction.

 Multi - Regions Selection

Customers who have multiple geographical regions can now easily select the geographical regions of a resource
(e.g. device, emulator, simulator) directly from the
user interface or via automation tools.

 OS Version Support

  • iOS 13 Beta 6
  • iOS 12.4
  • Android Q (10) Beta 5
  • Android Pie (9)

 Additional New Features 

  Execution of XCUITest on Simulators (BETA) - Run your XCUITest tests on a wide variety of simulators on the cloud. 
       Use deviceQuery to choose a simulator to run against

  Cloud - Session to always start with portrait orientation - All device sessions will start with a portrait orientation by default.

  Eclipse Plugin Recorder:  Added Undo & Redo to Test Editor - We have added the functionality of Undo & Redo to the test editor. 

  REST API for test View Summary - Get you test view summary, according to specific filter using the reporter's REST API.
       This is an option to get a summary of fail/pass per that filter. 

  Ignored exceptions show as passed  in reporter  - Ignored exceptions show as 'passed'  in reporter, when using the testNG listener. In the past, it was 'failed' even though in the IDE it was passed.

  Video report for color-blind person  - Added distinction in the video report via icons in addition to colors.

 On-premise Deployments

This section is related to the Cloud Administrator for on-premise deployments only.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should login.

In case you do not have credential please contact

Notes and Known Issues

  • Selenium Agent: Before updating the Selenium agent 12.8 on macOS Mojave, you need to first uninstall the current installation and then install version 12.8. 

  • HSQLDB end of life: Cloud Server does not support the HSQLDB database, and supports  only the PostgresSQL database

  • Due to Apple's announcement re discontinue of iTunes, we reinforce our recommendation that DHM will be deployed on macOS. This will guarantee support for new
    Apple models and iOS versions and opens up the full functionality of iOS (remote debugging, XUITest, Appium native, etc.).

New Features

  Multi-Region Selection 

Cloud Admins can configure multiple regions under the same Cloud environment. This will allow them to better manage the Cloud resources such as Users, Projects and Devices.

  Cleanup Improvements

Allow to set default device configurations such as region & language, Wifi & proxy settings for Android devices (iOS also supported) - cloud admin will be able to define the default configurations so users will get by default the right parameters to ensure new sessions will have the right default configuration.

  Support Android devices with Passcode

Support Android devices with Passcode, which improves devices security in a user transparent way (user does not need to know the passcode).

  Selenium Proxy in selenium agent 

Selenium Proxy in Selenium agent allows the configuring of proxy servers for the Selenium nodes supported in manual and automation sessions. 

  Enable to increase the Max application file size

Allow increasing the Max application file size to 1,000MB (by default the max is 500MB). This enables the cloud admin to increase the default size.

  Reporter Multi-Project Dashboard for admins - Reporter dashboard allows cloud admin to see all projects at once via Admin Dashboard.

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Collect Support Data - Support data of region proxy now include nginx-conf logs

  • Edge Tunneling - Network Tunnel is now working also for Edge Browser

  • Audio Integration now works on Mojave Mac agent

  • Devices Page - UI refresh upon device deletion

  • Remove unnecessary configurations from the EHM, emulator host machine, page.

  • iOS - Fixed web dump in landscape on iPhone XR is shifted on specific pages

  • Web Studios - Android - Reflection is blank with a device frame due to an unknown device model

  • Android - Huawei P30 Pro - Enable unlock device with a passcode

  • Android - Specific Instrumented app has offset for all the elements

  • Espresso - Report - Even though a test step fails it shows passed in report

  • SeeTest Automation - Android/iOS - Unable to open device reflection when connected to a proxy network

  • SeeTest Automation - No Device Logs are printed when running tests

  • NodeJS integration - Update deasync dependency in SeeTestClient

  • Selenium Agent - Improved deletion mechanism of browsers with the same major version

  • Notification bar - test duration is inconsistent with the real test duration in the report

  • Selenium Agent - on Safari browser, sometimes keys get stuck

  • Selenium Agent - hanging tests when using Python and Chrome


Patch 1 - updated 1 September 2019

  • iOS 13 - Improved stability on long runs where devices stayed Available but could not be opened (iOS 13 only)

  • iOS 13 Stability - Fixed a stability issue when trying to get dump from Preferences application on iOS and the dump will only retrieve the top bar

  • SeeTest Client Extension - Improved stability of start/stop transaction commands

  • Transactions Grid - Added video for performance transaction for iOS on Appium OSS

  • Transaction Video - Added video for transaction report for Android

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