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SeeTest 12.9 Release Notes
Released 25 September 2019 ,  Release notes home   

The Highlights:

 Performance: HAR File as Part of Transaction Report and Improved Filtering

In version 12.7 we announced the first installment of our much anticipated UI Performance Testing offering - manual testing.
Version 12.8 significantly expanded this offering and we announced its second installment that included automation, transaction video reports and a report repository in Reporter. 
In this Version which is 12.9 we are happy to announce
our third installment which includes HAR files as part of transaction reports and improved UX and filtering capabilities for the transaction report repository.  

HAR File as Part of Transaction Report: This feature enables users to automatically collect HAR file on each transaction from transaction report for both Manual and Grid.

Improved UX and Filtering Capabilities in Transaction Report Repository: This feature enables users to filter transactions per additional parameters such as duration of transaction and CPU Usage. In addition, users can configure the headers of the repository table per their priorities.

 Support New Edge Browser (Chromium Based)

Support for the new Chromium based Edge browsers for Windows and Mac.
Supported for both Selenium Grid and Manual sessions. 


 Locale Support (Language and Region) 

Users can change the locale of a device i.e. their language and their region.
This allows users to test applications in the right locale.

 UI/UX Improvements 

With the new release, we have introduced a much,improved UI/UX for easier navigation and top bar indicators for improved visibility. This is part of our overall UX/UI improvements roadmap. 

 Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 13, iOS 13.1 Beta 4
  • iPadOS 13
  • Android 10
  • Chrome: version 77
  • Firefox: version 69
  • Edge (Chromium Based): version 77

Important notes:

  • Starting from next version (12.10) we will deprecate support for iOS10.
  • Starting from next version (12.10) we will deprecate support for Android 5.0 and below.

 Additional New Features 

  Appium performance logs - Android - Support Chrome performance logs (driver.manage().logs().get(LogType.PERFORMANCE)

  Adding Test Properties during Grid Execution with Selenium  - add test properties to the reporter using driver.executeScript("seetest:client.addTestProperty()")

  Selenium manual- Improve keyboard interactions and actions during a manual session

  iOS Application (Rest API) - Flag a specific iOS application that once flagged Cloud will not sign this application.

 Cloud Management

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should login.

In case you do not have credentials please contact

Notes and Known Issues

  • HSQLDB end of life: Cloud Server does not support the HSQLDB database, and supports only the PostgresSQL database, please see Cloud Server

  • Due to Apple's announcement re discontinue of iTunes, we reinforce our recommendation that DHM will be deployed on macOS. This will guarantee support for new Apple models and iOS versions and opens up the full functionality of iOS (remote debugging, XUITest, Appium native, etc.).

  • Multi-Region Clarifications: Devices in a remote region can be used on SeeTest Manual and Automation for web (not desktop version), Eclipse/IntelliJ Plugins and grid tests.
    SeeTest Automation and Appium Studio do not support devices in remote regions.

  • Please see the updated System Requirements

New Features

  Scheduled Support Data

Allow Cloud Server to collect support data on a scheduled basis. Cloud Server will collect automatically support data and save it in the server machine.

This will allow to share the support data with the Experitest support team without the need to collect it again and to remove the need from the tester to collect the support data as part of the test execution.

  Cloud Project Page - Add Notes field

Allow to add notes to a project for better management. 

  Audit LogAdd logs for user management events (create/edit/delete/assign to project...).

  Cloud Logs Improvement

Allow to configure the number of log files and the log file size for most of the cloud components.

  Execution Page - Allow users to see all project grid sessions

Cloud Admin can configure a project that enables users to view other users tests under the same project, for better collaboration and synchronization inside the project team members.

 Bug Fixes and Improvements 

  • Ruby Grid Client - Install2 method should not try to upload application when a user chooses to install cloud application - Fixed

  • Web Studios - IE - Not able to Copy/Paste to device- Fixed

  • Android - Device with a user name that starts with 'experitest' failed to install 'deviceConrol' app - Fixed

  • Cannot extend reservation when the network tunnel is working - Fixed

  • iOS - 13 - Top bar is not showing up in the dump when an application is not Springboard - Fixed

  • STAW/STMW - Fix responsiveness in the performance tab - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - Performance issues in Firefox browser- Fixed

  • Show correct number of tiles in grid execution- Fixed

  • Video Report - long test names are not properly truncated- Fixed

  • Cloud Reports - On scrolling results goes out of bounds- Fixed

  •  Cloud Security - API V2 - Authorization issues - fixed security bugs that were found as part of our scheduled external penetration tests

  •  Cloud Server Installation - Add the Visual C++ Redistribution for Visual Studio 2015 to support Windows machines without Visual C++ Redistribution

  •  Manual for Device - User with an apostrophe in the username unable to open application manager - Fixed

  •  Applications Manager - Fails to delete Application in "No Project" - Fixed

  • Cloud Cleanup -  Fixed cases that applications are not being deleted during the white-list cleanup
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