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SeeTest 20.1 Release Notes
Released 30 January 2020 ,  Previous release notes   

The Highlights:

 UX Performance: API to download HAR File

Ability to download the HAR file with REST API.  This ability only existed in offline mode for either manual or automated tests. Now users who run automated tests can automatically download the HAR file to be used with external processes, for example, as part of the CI/CD pipeline or with 3rd party systems, without the need to manually access the transaction report.

 Retry for failed Test in XCUITest & Espresso

To increase execution reliability, users will be able to rerun failed tests of XCUITest and Espresso.
All users need to do is send the retry parameter during the execution and if a failure occurs it will automatically do a retry. This substantially reduces false alarms and flaky tests, creating a much more reliable and stable testing execution environment.

 Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 13.3.1, 12.4.5
  • iPadOS 13.3.1, 12.4.5
  • Android 10
  • Chrome: 79

  • Firefox: 72 (73 beta)
  • Edge: 79

 Additional New Features 

 Appium OSS - Support developing tests from Appium desktop against cloud devices

 Appium OSS - Support launchWithOptions

 Appium OSS - Non-existent appiumVersion will return the available Appium versions

 Appium OSS - Support setAuthenticationReply

 Appium OSS - Support uniqueName

 Appium OSS - Enabling 'reportDisable' capability

 Appium OSS - Support installOnlyForUpdate capability

 iOS - Enable the client to retrieve device screen properties

 Cloud - Devices Page - Device screen resolution is available to the user in the devices page

 SeeTestAutomation/AppiumStudioEnterprise - Support Multi-Region clouds

 Web Studios - Add new device's frame for Android models

 Video Report - Synchronize steps with video in selenium based tests

 Video Report - Attach stack trace to failed steps information

 Report - Capability to select video report or HTML report in Selenium-based tests 

 Cloud Execution - Release devices that left open in "debug" mode

 REST API - Devices- Get Devices API will show the device's tags

 Selenium Agent - Installation- Easier installation flow

 Cloud Management

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact

Notes and Known Issues

  • Please see the updated System Requirements

  • We are now supporting to connect up to 15 devices to a single mac DHM 

  • Cloud Deployment - Stopping the support for macOS - from 12.12 we will not continue to support the deployment on macOS for the following components:

    • Cloud Server

    • Region Proxy Manger

    • Application Signer 

    • File Storage 

  • We will continue to support Device Host Machine and Selenium Agent on macOS and Windows operating systems

  • Cloud Deployment on Linux - From 20.1 version we are starting to support deployment on Linux for On-premise environment

    The supported components on Linux are:
    • Cloud Server

    • Region Proxy Manger

    • Application Signer 

    • File Storage

    • Network Virtualization 

New Features

  • Limit the time user can extend his reservation - Now, cloud admin can better control the maximum time that user can use the device in the Mobile Web Studio, for more information please see Device Reservations Management

  • Project Management - Add Resources tab for the 'Default' project to set project configurations related to license and usage

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • iOS - getPickerValues doesn't return values - Fixed

  • Android - Elements on the hybrid app are having an offset - Chromium 76 - Fixed

  • Rest API (security) - Disable Trace method for internal communication between cloud component  - Fixed

  • Audio Deployment - setup script was not working properly due to permissions issue  - Fixed

  • Cloud Server Installation - Failed to install Cloud Server on a machine with more than 25 logical cores - Fixed

  • Devices Page Performance - Devices page with more than 400 devices was very slow - Fixed

  • My Accounts Page - Restrict Users and Project Administrators from changing their Email address from their 'My Account' page, cloud admin and project administrator can still change the user email from the Users page.

  • Rest API Get License Info - Was not able to authenticate with the cloud admin access key - Fixed

  • Audit Log - Added source IP info to the audit log 

  • - Selenium script fails to execute in W3C protocol - Fixed

  • Device stuck in cleanup state - Fixed

  • Passed tests with "setReportStatus", have cause tag - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - When AutoIt script fails, the process stays alive - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - Mac - Some files on temp folder are not deleted - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - Safari failed tests don't have "cause" tag - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - getFile() command does not appear in report - Fixed

 Next Release and Important Announcement

  • Due date*:  29.2.2020 or prior to

  • Highlights*:   Object Spy for failed steps in video report (Appium Grid), Sending test data to Elastic (alpha version)

  • Starting Version 20.3 (March 2020) the UI / web interface of SeeTest platform will longer be supported on Internet Explorer (but we will continue to support as usual Selenium testing on Internet Explorer browser). 

*Please note that due date and highlights of next release are as anticipated by Experitest on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

 Additional Resources

  • Whitepaper - UX Performance Whitepaper - to download the whitepaper click here.  

  • Webinar - AI for QA Demystified: The Landscape for AI for QA Organizations - Guy Arieli, CTO and Nava Levy, Tech Evangelist / VP Marketing - to view the recording click here.

  • December Customer Update Webinar with Guy Arieli, Experitest CTO, to view the recording click here.

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