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SeeTest 20.3 Release Notes
Released 29 March 2020 ,  Previous release notes   

The Highlights:

 Appium Studio for IntelliJ Plugin is now available in the official marketplace

Starting from version 20.3, you will be able to download our Appium Studio for IntelliJ plugin directly from the official marketplace.

To Download, go to Settings → Plugins and search for "Appium Studio for IntelliJ".

 Appium Server (Open Source) Support for Android - Beta

We have added the support for running tests against Appium Server for Android device. The supported versions of Appium Server are 1.15.0 and above.

Execute your Android tests against the Appium Server for full compatibility with Appium - now on both iOS and Android.

 Get the hardware details for your device  

We have added info dialog with additional hardware information for the device, such as the display type, CPU and Camera.

To view the device info dialog,  go to Devices page, hover the device card and click on the info button.

(some models are not supported, powered by

 Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 13.4 (GA), 12.4.6
  • iPadOS 13.4 (GA), 12.4.6
  • Android 10
  • Chrome: 80 (81 beta)

  • Firefox: 73 (74 beta)
  • Edge: 80 (81 beta)
  • Safari: 13

 Additional New Features 

 Support of Samsung S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra

 Appium OSS - Support Version 1.16.0 - iOS and Android

 Documentation - Improved documentation for integration 

 Web Studios - Android - Install from application manager will use keep the application data

 iOS - Handle "Your Apple ID is now being used" pop-up automatically - Security improvement

 Devices Page - Allow viewing and searching the device tags from the devices page 

 Dual Sim Support (Android only)- Get network information for devices with two sim cards, please see Device Actions and Configurations wdio CLI integration to select Experitest and add automatically to configuration file

 Selenium Grid  - Use user certificate during a grid seesion or manual (admin configuration) of Firefox browser

 Video Report  - attachments will include video file of the test

 Video Report  - Search text inside object spy in case of failed tests in Appium Grid

 Video Report  - Ability to download dump file (object XML) from the video report in case of failure in Appium Grid

 Video Report  - Support Swedish characters in report

 Screenshot Report  - Visibility of isDisplayed command in the report for W3C protocol

 Execution  - Allow users on the same project debug sessions on for the same project (admin configuration)

 Reporter  - Add date field to CSV - Transactions 

 Cloud Management

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact

Notes and Known Issues

    • Please revere the updated System Requirements
    • Reporter Database Configuration - the database user must be the database administrator user. 
    • There is a temporary bug that does not allow to search device groups from the devices page, issue will be fixed in the next version.

    • Selenium Agent is also been supported for Windows Server 2016
    • In case you would like to support Appium Server open source in your cloud, please contact

New Features

  • Reporter server deployment on Linux  BETA 
    • Allow to deploy Reporter Server on Linux Centos/RHEL
    • This is the beta version, In case you would like to use this capability, contact your support engineer or to

  • Reporter Purge Job - This purge job deletes test data like attachments and video reports data and keeps the storage size under the limit, but at the same time preserves metadata (e.g. status) of those tests for statistics purposes. For configuration instructions and more information, please see SeeTest Reporter Configuration

  • Selenium Agent - Allow to set client certificate for Firefox Browsers in order to support manual testing on Firefox
    For more information, please see Advanced Selenium Agent Configurations

  • Cloud UI - Add 'Created' column to the 'Projects' abd 'Users' pages

  • Projects Page - Add 'Total Application Size' column to indicate the total storage size that used for each project

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • iOS- TouchDown command is not working on iOS 13 devices - Fixed

  • Web Studios - Reflection of some Samsung devices can be seen only when frame is removed - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent -  Now, when uninstalling selenium agent on Windows OS, we delete all 'experiuser' users that were created in the installation process.

  • Android Emulators - Now, SeeTest Cloud will not apply device restrictions on Android Emulators.

  • Device Connectivity Dashboard - a singled device was presented in to separate rows - Fixed

  • Report A Problem email - Emails send to Cloud admin included the parameter names for empty device properties - Fixed

  • Improved stability of selenium with tunnelling 

  • Edge - can't run grid with "any" as browserVersion capability - Fixed

  • Selenium Transactions record video although disable video is configured in cloud - Fixed

  • Selenium session ID is not added as a tag to the reporter - Fixed

 Next Release and Important Announcements

  • Due date*:  30.4.2020 or prior to
  • Highlights*: 
  • Starting Version 20.3 (March 2020) the UI / web interface of SeeTest platform will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer (but we will continue to support as usual Selenium testing on Internet Explorer browser). 

*Please note that due date and highlights of next release are as anticipated by Experitest on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

 Additional Resources and Notifications

  • Co-Webinar - The 3 Essential Components for a Complete CI/CD Pipeline: Functional, Performance and Visual Testing - Guy Arieli, CTO Experitest and Eran Barlev from Applitools - to view the recording click here.

  • Webinar - How to build the ROI / Business Case for Test Automation - Nava Levy, Tech Evangelist / VP Marketing, Experitest - to view the recording click here.

  • Whitepaper - How to integrate UX Performance into Your Continuous Testing Pipeline - to download the whitepaper click here.   

  • Q1'2020 Customer Update Webinar with Guy Arieli, Experitest CTO is scheduled for March 31st, stay tuned for more details.

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