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SeeTest 20.4 Release Notes
Released 28 April 2020 ,  Previous release notes   

The Highlights:

 Appium Projects 

The SeeTest Lab now fully supports the development of Appium scripts with the new Appium Projects!

Appium Projects allows its users to develop and execute Appium scripts using an Appium server infrastructure.

When you set your project to be an Appium project, you will develop and execute with full Appium compliance using SeeTest Automation - Web interface.

 Appium Server 1.16.0-p2 and 1.17.0-p0 Support

SeeTest Automation - Web interface fully supports Appium Server versions 1.16.0-p2 and 1.17.0-p0 for both execution and development. 

 Application Page New Design

We improved our design for the application page, with the new page you can search and filter more easily

We also improved the page performance to support thousands of apps.

 Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 13.4.5 (GA), 13.5 Beta 3, 12.4.6
  • Android 10, Android 11 (Developer Preview)
  • Chrome: 81 (83 beta)

  • Firefox: 75 (76 beta)
  • Edge: 81 (83 beta)
  • Safari: 13.1

 Additional New Features 

 Appium Studio for IntelliJ - Support switching between instrumented and non-instrumented dumps

 Android - Enable application upgrade on install (Beta) - Support for Application upgrade, see android.upgrade.uninstall in documentation

 Appium Project - When working with SeeTest Automation Web interface under an Appium Project, an indication of the Appium server version will be shown

 Accessibility for iOS (Beta) - Display the VoiceOver values as a text for accessibility testing

 SeeTest GridClient - Ruby - Support startVideoRecord / stopVideoRecord commands

 Selenium Grid - add "Skipped" as an option to setReportStatus command

 Selenium Manual - Ability to select the Selenium agent

 Performance Transaction Measurements - Measurements will be taken per Application 

 Reporter API - add a date range to test view API response

 Video report - Ability to disable video from code environment (Appium capability or SeeTest client)

 Reporter Object Spy - Search for elements by XPath inside the video report in case the test failed

 Cloud Management

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact

Notes and Known Issues

    • Please review the updated System Requirements.
    • Reporter Database Configuration - the database user must be the database administrator user. 
    • In case you would like to support Appium Server open source in your cloud, please contact

New Features

  • Reporter server deployment on Linux  BETA 
    • Allows users to deploy Reporter Server on Linux Centos/RHEL 7.7
    • This is the beta version, In case you would like to use this capability, contact your support engineer or to

  • Devices Page - Allow filtering by Device Groups (the new filter field replaced the 'Location' filter field)

  • Applications Storage Management 

    Cloud Administrators can limit the time project's applications are stored in Cloud storage. This will help to remove the unused applications and keep
    the occupied storage low, for more information: Project Resources 

  • Devices Page - Allows filtering by Device Groups (the new filter field replaced the 'Location' filter field)|

  • Cloud Logs Location - We change the default logs location of the components: Cloud Server, File Storage, Application Signer and Region Proxy.
    The new folder location is outside to the installation folder, this will reduce the storage size of the installation folder and will ensure consistency of log retention
    For more information and the new default location please see: Cloud Log Files 

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reflection of some devices is black when using a frame - Fixed

  • Not able to set location on iOS 13+ - Fixed

  • Audio stream stops when closing Audio dialog on SeeTest Automation web interface - Fixed

  • Appium OSS returns the wrong format of Appium versions available - Fixed

  • SeeTest Automation web interface - Accessibility page - Elements are overlaying on low screen resolutions - Fixed

  • iOS - Support instrumented apps that are using InCallService

  • Appium Studio - can't log into the lab via secure proxy - Fixed

  • iOS - iPhone XR has on dump in offset in hybrid apps

  • Devices Page - Does not allow to search device groups from the devices page - Fixed

  • Reservations - Cloud admin is unable to reserve device without adding reservation notes - Fixed

  • Reservations Report - In some cases the device host name is missing in the report and in the reservation event page - Fixed

  • Device policies page -  Page layout is messed up when the project name is very long  - Fixed

  • Reporter - Stability - Report Process failed to come up and times out - Fixed

  • Reporter - Test created in the wrong project - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - MAC OS High Sierra - Slow input on manual sessions - Fixed

  • Video Report - Choppy scrolling in reports with a large number of steps  - Fixed

 Next Release and Important Announcements

  • Due date*:  30.5.2020 or prior to
  • Highlights*: 
  • Starting version 20.6 (June 2020), Windows 7 will no longer be supported as a selenium agent.
  • Starting Version 20.3 (March 2020) the UI / web interface of SeeTest platform will no longer be supported on Internet Explorer (but we will continue to support as usual Selenium testing on Internet Explorer browser). 

*Please note that due date and highlights of next release are as anticipated by Experitest on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

 Additional Resources and Notifications

  • Postman & Experitest Webinar - "No More Flaky Tests with API Testing Embedded Into Functional UI Testing" - to view the recording click here 
  • Blog Post- "The Complete Guide Appium Testing using Python" - read here
  • Blog Post- "How QA Teams are Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic" - read here
  • Webinar - "How to build the ROI / Business Case for Test Automation" - to view the recording click here.

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