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SeeTest 20.9 Release Notes
Released 30 September 2020 ,  Previous release notes   

The Highlights:

 Device Application Manager

The new device application manager in the Live Testing tool gives you a full view of all the applications installed on the device.
This helps testers know the build version, release version and the type of instrumentation included in the application.

New UI for "Tests" page in Reporter

As part of 20.9, we've released a new UI for the Reporter "Tests" page. This page will replace the old "Test Views" page. It will allow you to easily track your project's progress by date, OS or any other property. We've improve the look and feel and made it more intuitive.

 Latest Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 13.7, iOS 14.0.1, iOS 14.2 Beta 2
  • Android 11
  • Chrome: 85 

  • Firefox: 81 (82 beta)
  • Edge: 85 (86 beta)
  • Safari: 13.1.1

Additional New Features 

 Remote Debugging - Connecting through a configured proxy is now supported for Android.

 Espresso - We have added support for Test Orchestrator and clear package data.

 iOS  and Android - Application launch time has improved significantly. 

 iOS Simulators - Simulators can now load automatically with intermediate and root certificates (link available only to Cloud admins)

 iOS - Pickers - We have made major changes in picker handling to improve stability during execution

 Appium OSS - Display current executed command in execution page in real time.

 Appium OSS - Android - Support for simulateCapture on Android devices through executeScript from URL only (local files are yet to be supported).

 Web Studios - New warning and error messages were added to provide better visibility for issues with Network Virtualization (link available only to cloud admins).

 Selenium Agent - See real cursor state when hovering different types of elements.

 Selenium Agent - Security enhancements.

 Cloud Management

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact

Notes and Known Issues

    • Please review the updated System Requirements.
    • Selenium Agents on mac OS, must be restarted after upgrading to 20.9.
    • Services that deployed on Linux environment will require execution permission on the '/tmp' partition.
    • Reporter Database Configuration - the database user must be the database administrator user. 
    • Starting version 20.8, old Edge browsers (not chromium-based), will no longer be supported for desktop-browser testing.
    • In case you would like to support Appium Server open source in your cloud, please contact
    • iOS 14 devices that were connected to an older version of the cloud must be rebooted before use.
    • DHMs that has iOS 14 devices connected to must not run Xcode and safari

New Features

  • License Usage Report - Add Product column - As part of the license usage report cloud admin can now analyze the users usage by product (Web Studio, Plugins, SeeTest Automation ...), please see Cloud Usage Report

  • SSO Integration - Support SHA256 for the hash , please see Single Sign-On Integration.

  • User Feedback - Require comment in case  user rank 'Bad' as feedback- With user comments it will be easier to understand why the session was ranked as bad,
    please see Gather user Feedback

  • Cloud Security Add Content-Security-Policy to the response header, please see Secured Network Connection (TLS & HTTPS)

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • When using the UUID parameter while upload application or executing, XCUITest didn't force signing with the requested provisioning profile - fixed

  • Shifted dump on system application in iPad pro 11 inch - fixed

  • iOS 14 - Width and Height properties of UITextFields returned as 0 - fixed

  • Android Emulators - Improved stability

  • Allow SSO users to add username and password in the wrong login screen - Fixed

  • Devices page - device cards flickering when trying to scroll down - Fixed

  • Application Page - Not able to Assign application to a different project - Fixed

  • Devices page - Info panel text are not aligned when device notes are to long - Fixed

  • SeeTest Reporter - Exposing temporary token in Reporter URL can be used for other users to login the Reporter - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - Quickstart test fails dur to a popup - Fixed

  • Selenium Agent - Can't open Safari 12.0.2 on Mojave - Fixed

  • iOS - setNetworkConnection fails with timeout due to "loading" of WiFi/Bluetooth list - Fixed

  • Grid/STAW on iOS  - setPickerValue step passes in the report although the actual step failed

 Next Release and Important Announcements

  • Due date*:  31.10.2020 or prior to
  • Starting version 20.10 (October 2020), we will support iOS 11.4.1 and above.

*Please note that due date and highlights of the next release are as anticipated by Experitest on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

 Additional Resources and Notifications

  • On-Demand Webinar - "Create the Perfect App: Continuously Integrate, Test and Deliver" - to watch the recording click here
  • and Forrester On-Demand Webinar "The Future of Testing: Smarter and Adaptable" - to watch the recording click here
  • Blog Post- "The best methodologies for Agile VSM and Continuous Testing" - read here

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