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SeeTest 21.10 Release Notes
Released 08 Nov 2021,  Previous release notes

The Highlights:

 Support for iOS 15.0.2 and 15.1 Continuous Testing now supports iOS 15.0.2 and 15.1 Official

 Mobile Studio - Test Editor  

The test editor enables test creation and export of code on the mobile studio. In fact, with the test editor you can confirm your test flow without the need of creating a full test in your test framework. Moreover, you are able to re-create bugs directly from the mobile studio by creating the exact steps as they work in automation​. 

For more details check out: Mobile Studio - Test Editor

 Multi Region - Support Appium OSS and Grid​

The Multi Region Execution capability provide you the option to connect directly to a remote region to dramatically improve test execution time in cases where tests are running from the same region as the mobile devices.

In order to use this capability please take a look at the following documentation - Appium Multi Region (Mobile) ​

 Latest Browser and OS Version Support

  • iOS 15.0.2, 15.1
  • Android 11
  • Chrome: 95 (96 beta)

  • Firefox: 94 (95 beta)
  • Edge: 95 (96 Beta)
  • Safari: 14.1.1, 15.0 (only in BigSur)

  Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • Android Devices
    • Android 5.1 and above
  • iOS Devices:
    • iOS 12.3.x, iOS 12.4.x
    • iOS 13 
    • iOS 14
    • iOS 15

Notes and Known Issues

  • In order to run xcui tests on iPhone 13 and devices with iOS 15, DHM should have XCode 13 official.
  • While building apps for new device models and latest OS, ensure the XCode-SDK compatibility is maintained
  • Due to JetBrains security requirements, our IntelliJ Plugin now only supports versions 2020.1.4 and above

  • iOS 15 devices should have passcode turned OFF as Apple has changed its behavior recently

 Additional New Features

 RDB - Informative messages are returned in CLI when the device reservation ends or device is released.

 Mobile Studio - Skins for the latest iPad devices 2021 were updated

 Mobile Studio - Skins for the latest iPhone 13 devices were updated

 Appium Studio for IntelliJ - Now supports IntelliJ 2021.2

 Cloud Management 

This section is relevant only for Cloud Administrators.

To access the Cloud Management documentation, you should log in.

In case you do not have credentials please contact support@digital.a

On Premise Deployment

Important Notes and Known Issues

  • From 21.11 (Nov 2021), we will no longer support the deployment of Device Host Machine on Windows OS
  • We recommend that you start planning your purchase plan and replace all Windows DHM's with MacOS DHM's before upgrading to 21.11
  • If you want to support Appium Server open source in your cloud, please contact
  • Since 21.6 we no longer support
    • Windows Server 2012 (For all cloud components), our supported versions:  Windows Server 2016/2019
    • macOS Mojave for DHM and EHM, our supported versions: macOS Catalina/BigSur
  • From 21.7 version all cloud components will use Java JRE OpenJDK instead of Oracle JRE, the JRE will be installed automatically as part of installation/upgrade process.

 Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Cloud - Sorting using Total App Size is sorting incorrectly in projects tab - FIXED
  • Android - Stability - Web Dump not available on Chrome on few devices - FIXED
  • Android - Add MockAuthentication support from automation code on Pixel 4 devices - FIXED
  • Android - SimulateCapture is not working on Xiaomi MI 10t pro - FIXED
  • Android - Unable to install application in instrumented mode with Keystore files from grid code - FIXED
  • Android - Added support for MockAuthentication in DAON framework
  • Applications RestAPI - support extractLanguageFiles
  • SeeTest Automation  and Appium Studio - Support Java OpenJDK
  • Appium OSS: getScreenshot not working for Android 8 and below - FIXED
  • Appium OSS - IOS - web dump in application displayed only after 2nd refresh - FIXED
  • Web Studios / Mobile Studio - Android - No network instrumentation indication on device application manager
  • Improvement - Appium OSS - Docker service memory limit is configurable
  • Improvements on iOS Alert Handling when there is more than one alert on the screen
  • Improvements on Installing instrumented iOS apps with plugins

 Next Release and Important Announcements

  • Due date*:  02.12.2021 (or prior)

*Please note that the due date and highlights of the next release are as anticipated by Continuous Testing on the date of release of the current version, and are forward-looking statements. Actual due dates and highlights may vary.

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