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With Appium Studio you can fully control the iOS application being tested as well as the device's springboard. Controlling the device's springboard enables actions such as: Changing device settings, Interaction with a non-instrumented application (like SMS, Contacts, Dialer…), launch and kill, application life-cycle.

Note:   If your only requirement is to test your application (without controlling the device springboard), you can follow the simple one-step
connectivity process described as Option B below.

To connect an iOS device so that you can both test applications as well as control the device's springboard:

Step 1: Prerequisites

  1. Install iTunes onto your computer (while Appium Studio is closed so the USB drivers can update)
  2. Connect the device via USB to your computer.

Step 2: In Appium Studio go to Device Manager and click the Add Device icon and select iOS Device.

 Step 3: In the dialog box now displayed, activate the Enable 'Full Control' mode checkbox.


Step 4: Having selected the checkbox above, the following announcement will appear. Click Configure Profile.

Step 5: In this dialog, you will be able to view all the configured provision profiles you have and the devices they hold in them:

Step 6: Clicking on the "Import" button will open the following window and now follow the steps on iOS sign configuration page:

Step 7:  In Device Manager, select the device which you initially connected at the start of this procedure and click the Edit Device icon.

Step 8: In the Modify iOS Device dialog box now displayed, verify that the:

  • Type of the device is correct
  • Host featured is USB
  • Enable 'Full Control' checkbox is selected
Note:  If a profile is already configured to the device, the checkbox will be enabled by default.

Step 9: Click OK.

The device is now available on the Device List and has the status of Ready.

Step 10: To open the device reflection on your computer's  screen, click the Open Device button.

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