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  1. Go to Apple's developer website ( and click on "Account" in the top right corner.
  2. After login in with your account's username and password, go to Certificates ID's and Profiles by clicking on the link (marked in the following picture with a yellow rectangle).
  3. If there isn't a valid development certificate - SeeTestAutomation- Creating An Apple Certificate
  4. If needed, create an App ID - our product requires a wildcard.


  5. The provision profiles you create should include all of the certificates that you wish to use, as well as all of the devices that you wish to use. Your App ID should also be included. Therefore, before you create your profile make sure that all the certificates that you wish to use, as well as all the devices that you wish to use, are all added. You can do so by going to the certificate section and the devices section.      

  6. After you made sure that all of the desired devices and certificates are registered on Apple's site, go to the provision profile section and click the plus sign to create a new profile.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  7. Select a development profile (not a distribution one), and click on continue.
  8. Select an App ID and click continue. It is crucial that the App ID will have a wildcard
  9. Select the certificates you wish to add to the profile and click continue.
  10. Add the devices you wish to include in your provision profile and click continue.
  11. Write a profile name of your choosing, and click on continue.
  12. Download and save the provisioning profile you have created in a folder you can access at a later time.


You can easily verify if the provisioning profile you have created is sufficient for use with Experitest products. 

Open the provision profile file you have downloaded(e.g - my-profile.mobileprovision) using any text editor. Make sure that the key "get-task-allow" exists and that its value is "true".

Also, look for the <key>application-identifier line and make sure that the string value is a wildcard app id (<TEAMIDENTIFIER>.*)

Next, look for the expiration date and make sure that the profile didn't expire yet. For example:

Finally, make sure that the ID (UDID) of the devices you wish to work with are written under "ProvisionDevices".

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