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Once you click on 'Open Device' from the 'Cloud Devices View' the device reflection will be open in the 'Devices' view. Appium Studio for Eclipse - Devices view


You can use your mouse to touch and swipe, and you can also use your keyboard to send key events to the device.

  Create a UI dump and save it in the 'page' folder.

  Click on the device home button.

  Click on the 'back' button (only available for Android devices).

  Click on 'switch app' button.

  Unlock the device.

  Change the device orientation.

  Overwrite the current test capabilities to be executed on this device. Once checked, all of the tests executed in your environment will be executed on this device.

  Starts recording on the current device.

 Capabilities Wizard gives more options for recording a test. Added capabilities can be seen in the Capabilities Manager after recording is stopped.

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