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The application's view enables you to manage your mobile applications.

You can upload different versions of your application, then install the requested version on the devices you work with.

  Upload a new application to your cloud project applications repository.

  Refresh the applications list.

  When checked will show iOS applications.

  When checked will show Android applications.

 - Used with the 'install'/'launch' buttons. when checked, the application will be installed/launched in instrumented mode.

- Used with the 'launch' button. when checked, while the app is already running in the background, the app will not be stopped prior to the application launch.

  Install the application on the active device.

  Launch the application on the active device.

  Uninstall the application from the active device.

  Delete the selected application version from the cloud project applications repository.

The application ticket title can be dragged into your code in order to add the selected application install and launch capabilities.

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