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After installing Appium Studio for Eclipse the next step would be to connect it to a device cloud, if you have an onsite cloud you can use it. You can also use the Experitest Cloud Platform.

In order to work with a cloud, you will need the full cloud URL and an Access Key, to get an Access Key you will need your username and password.

  1. To configure Appium Studio for Eclipse to use a cloud- click on the cloud icon (), or in the 'Appium Studio' menu select 'Cloud Configuration'.

    Cloud login window will open. Enter your Access Key and click OK

    If you do not have an access key to for Eclipse Cloud Platform, click on Get Access Key or navigate here to obtain one.

    If  Get Access Key is clicked there will be a popup in which you must enter User Name and Password and click Connect.
    With a successful connection, you will be able to choose a project from the list.  Please pick the project and click Get Key
    Your key will appear in the access key field of the main window. Click OK to connect.

    Connecting to a different cloud:

    If you have a URL for a different cloud, click on the URL button and enter your URL

    If you have an access key, Enter it in Access Key text box and click OK to connect.

  2. Add 'Mobile' to view.
    Click on 'Window' --> 'Perspective' --> 'Open perspective' --> 'Other'


    Choose 'Mobile'.

    Once connected you should be able to view all the cloud devices in the Cloud Devices'view.

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