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When starting a new recording or opening a '.test' file, you will see the test editor. The editor will be updated as you record a test.

After recording, you can use the editor to edit the test you recorded. 

Edit recorded test

Highlight one or more commands and use the toolbar to Move (), Delete () or Duplicate () the highlighted commands.

Edit command properties

Highlight one commands to see its properties on the right side of the editor.

These properties will any arguments the command uses.

If the command is executed on an element, it will also include the element identifier and context.

Click on the value of arguments and identifier to edit them.


Edit Command shortcuts

  • *Copy: Ctrl\Command + c
  • *Paste: Ctrl\Command + v
  • *Cut: Ctrl\Command + x
  • Undo: Ctrl\Command + z
  • Redo: Ctrl\Command + y
  • Delete: 'Delete' button

    Available in right-click popup menu as well

Other Test Editor Buttons

  • Run Test

Will run the recorded test on the active device.

  • Continue Recording

Click on the 'Continue Recording' to continue recording to the current test. Test Editor and Code Export views will update accordingly. 

  • Add Command

Adds new command manually to your test. You can add a new command during recording or after your recording is done. Test Editor and Code Export views will update accordingly. 

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