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Open a device

In the 'Cloud Devices' view select a device and click on the 'Open' button.

This will open the device reflection as shown below

Install and launch your application

In the 'Applications' view click on 'Install'. Then click on 'Launch'.

The 'Terminal' view will show you a successful notification for both operations. Please check the 'Console Window' below.

Write your test logic

Following procedure will describe the way to write test logic.

Click on the 'Dump UI' icon () right to the device reflection.

A 'dump' file is created and is open by the editor.

Select the element you would like to interact with (like the 'Username' text field).

In the 'Dump Properties' view, you will see all of the properties of the element.

Select the property you would like to use to identify the element. Right-click on it and Copy as XPath.

Run and verify your test code

Run your test and watch it work on the device view.

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