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After installing Appium Studio for IntelliJ the next step would be to connect it to a device cloud, if you have an onsite cloud you can use it.

  1. To configure Appium Studio for IntelliJ, select 'Appium Studio' menu ->'Cloud Connection' from the main menu.

    1. Cloud window will open

    2. Enter your access key:

      By default, you will be connecting to Connecting to the Experitest cloud platform you need an Access Key.

      If you need to connect to a different cloud, choose URL and Enter your cloud URL

      If you do not have Access Key, it can be fetched by clicking Get Access Key.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Please enter User Name and Password and click on Connect, select a Project, then click on Get Key and finally OK.

    3. You are now connected to the cloud.

    4. Click View→Tool Windows →Cloud, this will open 'Cloud Devices'

  2. 'Cloud Devices' lists all the devices for your access, see below.

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