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There are License types that can be used to work with Appium Studio Enterprise/ SeeTestAutomation:

  • Evaluation License

To change license type:

You will see the following window, showing the details of your current license.

To change your license configuration, click "configure license", choose the desired license type, click next and follow the instruction to activate your chosen license.

Cloud License Server

Connect to the Cloud Server to get a developer license, each developer license allow you to execute on one device at the same time

To execute tests on 3 parallel devices you will need to have use 3 development licenses

Floating License Server

Allow to connect to Floating Server license, please see: Connect To Floating License Server

Node-Locked License

Activate a node-locked license for a specific machine (cannot be moved to another machine)

Online Activation

You can activate the license with a license key (require internet connection)

Activation with a license file

You can activate a node-locked license with a license file (*.l4g file), this can be helpful when the machine does not have an internet connection.

To generate a license file:

  1. Add the license key and click on 'Activate With Key' button
  2. Open the 'l4j_license_request.txt' file with editor tool and copy its context

  3. Go to the website: and past the content

  4. Click on the 'Submit' button, it will download the license file (license.l4j)
  5. Click on 'Apply activated license file' button to import the license file and 'OK'  

  6. The Studio will restart in order to apply for the new license 

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