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Reports Config

reportFormattype of report, HTML / XML. (default: 'XML')
reportDirectorydirectory for the report (default: 'reports')
testNametest name (default: 'Untitled')

Report Formats

Below is a list of values that can be set as the reportFormat capability values



HTMLGenerates the External Report zip file.


Generates the External Report zip file.
videoGenerates a video file that is shown on the report page
XMLEquivalent of the string "HTML,video" as reportFormat value
propertiesGenerates a report properties file
pdfGenerate a pdf report

creates an empty report

Set dummy reporter when using custom reporters (not for SeeTest Reporter). If the dummy reporter was set, Report Path and Report Name should be set as empty strings (" ").

In addition to the above, reportFormat can be a combined value of several types. i.e. by writing "video,html" report will generate both video and External Report zip files

  • When one of reportFormat / reportDirectory is setthe other is automatically completed with the default value.
  • To enhance test execution speed, omit reportFormat and reportDirectory from the capabilities setup.
  • 'pdf' report format behavior was changed in 20.4 to only generate a PDF report file. Replace with "pdf,video" to preserve old behavior.
  • The format string is whitespace and case sensitive
Example (Java) - Set Capabilities to generate an HTML report titled "My First Test"
DesiredCapabilities dc = new DesiredCapabilities();
dc.setCapability("reportFormat", "xml");
dc.setCapability("testName", "Eribank");
dc.setCapability("reportDirectory", "reports");
driver = new IOSDriver<>(new URL("http://"+host+":"+port), dc);

Optional Reports Capabilities:


Description true, any new crash logs created during the test will be added to the report folder (iOS only)
the default value is false - if true, a report will not be created
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