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eeTest provides API for monitoring device CPU, Memory and Battery Usage, this document applies to SeeTest version 12.0 and above

  • Our System Resources data is based on the  Google tool: Android Debug Bridge (adb)
  • For each type of resource, SeeTest can provide values both for the entire system and for a specific process.
  • SeeTest provides both real-time monitoring graphs and API for automation tests that allow capturing the data during the test
  • All System Resources Monitoring are available for both non-instrumented and instrumented applications  

The following is a short explanation for each type of System Resources:


SeeTest CPU metrics data based on 'adb shell dumpsys meminfo'

The result is the total Proportional Set Size (PSS) value 


SeeTest CPU metrics data based on 'adb shell dumpsys cpuinfo'

The result is the value divided by the number device CPU cores, the returned value is a percentage  between 0 to 100

Battery Usage

SeeTest Battery Usage metrics data based on 'adb dumpsys batterystats' 

We provide data on the following parameters: 

  • cpu_power_use  -  Energy consumed by CPU's operations related to the application
  • wifi_power_use - Energy consumed by the WiFi component
  • gpu_power_use  - Energy consumed by the GPU (screen consumption).
  • rest_power_use - Energy consumed by all other components: sensorsbluetooth, cellular, etc...
  • total_usage the total of:  cpu_power_use, wifi_power_use , gpu_power_use, and rest_power_use
  • screen_power_use - Power consumed by the screen while the application was running in the foreground

The data is presented in unit mAh by default, but it can be also presented in percents (relatively to the full battery capacity)

  • In some cases, adb does not provide battery usage information for one or more component (e.g WiFi) this could happens due to a specific Mobile Vendor or to the OS version
    In that case, we will return the value -  N/A
  • All battery usage information that we collecting from adb tool are approximate power usage, there are some cases that older values are higher the new value
    In that cases the differences are minor

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