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void Launch (activity, instrument, Stop if run)

Supported in iOS Supported in Android


Launch activity (application) or navigate to given URL during runtime.


  • Activity: The application main activity (the application to be launched).
  • OR a URL page.
  • Instrument: Boolean
    • True: Will launch the app in instrumented mode.
    • FalseWill launch the app in non instrumented mode.
  • Stop if run - Boolean
    • TrueWill kill the application if it is on the background before reluanch  


In the following example we will launch the imdb application on the android device

Application is available on the application manager.

Device before:



Now you can click the object spy as the application is instrumented


Code Examples

Java Example
client.launch("", true, true);
C# Example
client.Launch("", true, true);
VBScript Example
client.Launch "", true, true
Python Example
self.client.launch("", True, True)
Perl Example
$client->launch("", 1, 1);
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